Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Training: 6/24/2014

AM Training:
40 min Z1 - your choice, but include ~20 min on the AD & accumulate ~2 min Ring Support

Notes: Did a 10min airdyne, 10min run, and then 15min on airdyne again.  Got off every 3 minutes and performed a supine straight legged table top since my elbows were a bit inflamed.

PM Training:
AD 10 min warmup
AD 40 sec @90%/20 sec @50% x 10
--5 min recovery--
AD 40 sec @90%/20 sec @50% x 10

10 min Z1 cooldown
Avg. on first set: 271
Avg. on second set: 277

Notes:  Got this workout in 6 hours later.  Equal amounts of lungs and leg fatigue were the limiters here.  Hot in the gym also, may have been a contributor.  Tried to push hard here.

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