Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Training: 6/17/2014

A. Alt EMOM 14'
o - 2-3 Strict MUs
e - 7 Strict Tuck-Ups 
Complete (2 reps on MU each set)

B1. One Arm DB Row: 5 x 6-8 @20X0, rest 1 min b/t arms (60lbs. x 5)
B2. Incline DB Bench Press: 5 x 8-10 @30X0, rest 90 sec (50lbs.)

C. Bottoms-up KB OH Carries: 4 trips/arm, 50m each, rest as needed. (12kg)

I felt heavy on muscle ups today.  Shoulders may have been a bit tight.  Couldn't really turn rings out at the top either.  Too unstable.  Tuck ups felt fine.  Much better than last time.  

For the db rows, I focused on being explosive on the way up.  They felt good but noticed my left arm was more internally rotated than my right when passively hanging with the DB.  Incline press felt good.  Focused on extending the triceps.

Left arm had issues lock the KB out overhead.  This is the side I usually sleep on.  Need to get some internal rotation work done on this side as it is preventing lock out. 

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