Thursday, June 5, 2014

Training: 5/30/2014

A. Deadlifts w/chains: 6 x 2,2,4,4,6,6 @31X1, rest 4 min (80lbs. chains + 385,375,365,345,335,315)
notes-inverted pyramid
B. KBS: 1 x max unbroken 2p (no 2p, 20 reps with 90lbs.)
C. Side Plank: max/side x 2, rest 90 sec b/t sides (1min set #1, 1:10 set #2)

Notes: Deadlift felt a little funky today.  Wasn't getting the hips through and my but was shooting up a bit.  Low back and mid back was smoked.  I was thinking about driving the knees back a maintaining tension but it didn't help much.  Need to work on this.  I didn't have a 32kg KB today, so I used my 90lber.  I was surprised I got that many reps.  Side planks were tough, my goal was to beat my first set during the second set.

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