Saturday, June 28, 2014

Training: 6/25/2014

A. Snatch Balance: 1-2 EMOM for 10 min
B1. OHS: 3 x 4-5 @3221; rest 2 min
B2. Strict Pullup cluster: 3 x amrap.amrap; rest 30 sec b/t amraps, 2 min after
C. "Oxidative" Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec 
--8 min active rest--
"Oxidative" Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec 

(same wts. as last week)

Notes: Felt good going into today's workout.  Snatch balance was okay though my legs were pretty sore from Monday's training session.  Lock outs felt good on snatch balance.  Focused on staying back with the shoulders on OHS and that helped lock the shoulders in place.  Wrists hurt a bit, but I can tell they are getting stronger too.  Pullups felt okay though my forearms were overtaxed.  Back squats were rough today.

Training: 6/28/2014

10min Z1 Airdyne
5 sets:
10 KB Swings (24kg)
4min Airdyne @ 80% ~160 BPM
-rest 4min
Cals 77,73,73,72,69
10min Row Easy w/ 20sec support every 3min

Notes: Felt pretty good this morning despite getting a rough night's sleep.  Warmed up with the airdyne and then did a little foam rolling before hitting it.  I wore my HR monitor for this so I would keep the intensity in check and stay aerobic.  All sets felt good though my HR was creeping up from set to set, which caused the cals to decrease.  I am getting more comfortable with longer airdyne intervals now.  Also to note, I did this on a "big fan" airdyne, so the cals were definitely higher.  Finished up with the row and supine support and ring supports.

Training: 6/27/2014

A. Snatch: 8x1; rest 90sec (wave load) (175-200(f))
B. Strict Muscle Ups: 4x3-4; rest 3min (3,3,3,4)
C1. Single Arm DB Rows: 2x6-8 @ 20x0; rest 1min b/t arms (60,70)
C2. Incline DB Bench Press: 2x8-10 @ 30x0; rest 90sec (60,60)
4 rounds (not for time)
5 Bar Pull To Inversion

Notes: Felt pretty good going into my workout but my pull is crap right now.  Hit the heaviest snatch since hurting my back at 195, that was the only positive there.  Rather than spending tons of time here, I moved onto the muscle ups.  Hit solid sets and was able to eek out 4 reps on my last set.  Single arms DB rows were heavier than last time and the focus was on pulling the scap toward the midline.  Incline press was good.

Bar ring inversion were challenging.  It was difficult to invert myself in the first place, and then from there it was challenging to engage my back to slow me down.  Also, being in that kind of piked position put lots of stress on my L-S joint.  HSPU were rough on the triceps. But did most sets in 5s.

Rest Day: 6/26/2014

Notes: Lots of work today.  Going to need some extra rest after today.

Training: 6/25/2014

(video to come)

A. Snatch Balance: 1-2 EMOM x 10min (135-215)
B1. OHS: 3x4-5 @ 3221; rest 90sec (135,145,165)
B2. Strict Pullup Cluster: 3xAMRAP.AMRAP; rest 30sec; then rest 90sec (7/6,7/5,7/6)
C. Oxidative Back Squats: 5x40sec (10reps) @ 2020; rest 40sec only
-rest 8min
x 2 sets
Complete w/ 100lbs.

Notes: Felt pretty good going into training.  I have gone almost two weeks without caffeine and I am finally getting over the hump of not having to rely on it.  I am getting more consistent with sleep and eating and I am relying on good habits instead of stimulants.  

Snatch balance felt pretty good though hitting that many reps that quickly made my quads fatigue quickly.  Kept building and hit most sets with 155 but jumps up in the later minutes.  OHS felt surprisingly sturdy.  Pulling the shoulders back and getting the arm pits forward felt good.  Wasn't fighting the bottom position either as my ankles felt pretty mobile.  Hips flexors were absolutely destroyed afterward, possible because I didn't warm them up sufficiently.  Pullups felt pretty good.  Grip and biceps seemed to be the limiter here.  

Back squats were tough.  Tried not to lock out at the top in order to create more tension in the quads.  My legs were smoked afterward.  No lower back pain.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Training: 6/20/2014

A1. Snatch Balance: 5 x 2; rest 90 sec (165,185,205,215,215(1))
A2. Strict MU: 5 x 2-3, rest 90 sec (3x5)
B1. One Arm DB Row: 2 x 6-8 @20X0, rest 1 min b/t arms (63x2)
B2. Incline DB Bench Press: 2 x 8-10 @30X0, rest 90 sec (50x2)
5 rounds, NFT:
12 Strict Tuck Ups
12 Ring Dips

Notes: Working on getting the shoulders back.  Need to open up front delt and internal rotation.  Snatch balance felt good though I could work on the triceps bit. Muscle ups felt awesome.  Rows and press were okay.  Still having some sternum issues with the ring dips.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Training: 6/24/2014

AM Training:
40 min Z1 - your choice, but include ~20 min on the AD & accumulate ~2 min Ring Support

Notes: Did a 10min airdyne, 10min run, and then 15min on airdyne again.  Got off every 3 minutes and performed a supine straight legged table top since my elbows were a bit inflamed.

PM Training:
AD 10 min warmup
AD 40 sec @90%/20 sec @50% x 10
--5 min recovery--
AD 40 sec @90%/20 sec @50% x 10

10 min Z1 cooldown
Avg. on first set: 271
Avg. on second set: 277

Notes:  Got this workout in 6 hours later.  Equal amounts of lungs and leg fatigue were the limiters here.  Hot in the gym also, may have been a contributor.  Tried to push hard here.

Training: 6/23/2014

A. 3 Clean DLs + Power Clean + 3 FS + S2O: 3 sets of the complex, rest 3 min - build as able/safe (165,185,215)
B1. DB Split Squats: 3 x 10/leg @3010, rest 90 sec b/t legs (20kg x 3)
B2. Negative GHD raises: 3 x 7 @50A0, rest 90 sec (10,BW, BW)
C1. One Arm DB Row: 5 x 6-8 @20X0, rest 1 min b/t arms (50,50,60,60,60x8)
C2. Incline DB Bench Press: 5 x 8-10 @30X0, rest 90 sec (60,60,60,60,60x8)
D. Bottoms-up KB OH Carries: 2 trips/arm, 50m each, rest as needed. (12kg)

Notes: Felt pretty good going into today's training session.  I was going to stay lighter since on the complex because there was a lot of repetitions with in the set.  Pull felt off. I wasn't loading tension through my back half, and that was preventing me from staying back in my heels through the pull.  Front squats felt pretty heavy, but there was no issue with my lower back.  Jerk felt okay, though heavy, after all of the repetitions with the lower body.  Need to gain confidence dropping back to the bar.

Split squats were rough. By the last set my legs were shaking.  I am getting better at the GH negatives.   I am able to access my hamstrings much more while keeping my hips tucked.  

Since I was low on time, I decided to do prone DB rows to save time.  Need to get stronger in the retraction of my scapula.  I might through in some more touches during my warm-ups to make sure they are working properly.  No problems on the bench press; felt a deep burn in my front delts.  

Bottom's up carry felt better than last week now that I am setting the shoulders back.  Need to open up flexion as I feel my front delt gets in the way overhead.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rest Day: 6/22/2014

Notes: Feeling good today.

Training: 6/21/2014

AD 10 min @Z1
AD 4 min @80%*/4 min rest x 4
*Hr should be ~160
Row 15 min easy - 20 sec Back Support every 3 min

Notes: got to the gym and warmed up with little bit of snatching and cleaning jerks. Nothing too heavy but just want to test out the movements with my buddy who is in a lifting competition the next day. I feel I need some exposure to live since I haven't done that in quite some time.  I got on the airdyne for 10 minutes nice and easy and then from there I did the four minute intervals times four sets.  I was able to hold a consistent calorie output each set. I kept my heart rate at 160 beats per minute throughout the four minute interval.  Rather than bagging the row, I did the 15min row and the 20sec back supports. My elbows were on fire from the back supports.  I am still not feeling that them in my upper back yet.  

Training: 6/20/2014

(video to come)

A1. Snatch Balance: 5 x 2; rest 90 sec (165,185,205,215,215(1)
A2. Strict MU: 5 x 2-3, rest 90 sec (3,3,3,3,3)
B1. One Arm DB Row: 2 x 6-8 @20X0, rest 1 min b/t arms (60,60)
B2. Incline DB Bench Press: 2 x 8-10 @30X0, rest 90 sec  (50,50)
5 rounds, NFT:
12 Strict Tuck Ups
12 Ring Dips

Notes: Felt good warming up today.  I think I got over the hump of no caffeine (two weeks off).  Also came to an epiphany that my shoulder mobility can be improved by pulling my shoulders back. From there I am able to get in a much better overhead position and also my pulling is improved as well.  One thing that I have to focus on however is not overextending from my lower back. I start off the 165 for the snatch balance and increased by 10 pound increments and your 215. I got sloppy on my very last rep and missed it behind but overall I felt very good even with very very very tired legs.

Strict muscle ups felt awesome today. I did three reps per set each time. Keeping the shoulders back really allowed to engage my lats make it easier to get through the rings out internally rotating the shoulder.  Single arm dumbbell rows were okay for the small amount of sets. I increase the weight from last time. Incline dumbbell press I kept it the same way. I moved onto the dips and tuck ups. Ring dips smoked my triceps and I felt a little bit of pain in my sternum.  Noticed on the tuck ups that I was overextending on the way down.  It is difficult for me to keep my rib cage down and hips tucked while extending from my hips.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Rest Day: 6/19/2014

Notes: My legs are destroyed.  They are so sore. Quads, butt, hamstrings.  Wow

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Training: 6/18/2014

AM Training:
45' Z1
(complete-35min on airdyne + 10min run + 20min mobility (internal hop rotation and ankles)

Notes: Did not want to come in and do this but I knew this is what I needed to get over the hump of being "out of shape."

PM Training:
A1. DB Split Squats: 3 x 10/leg @3010, rest 90 sec b/t legs
A2. Negative GHD raises: 3 x 5 @50A0, rest 90 sec
B. Banded Ukranian DL: 3 x 15 @3010, rest 90 sec - lightish, feel it out
C. "Oxidative"* Back Squats: 6 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only

notes-feel this out, same wt. as before if ok.

Notes: Felt a little tired going into today's workout.  Wanted to test how my back would hold up so I threw in a tough single clean in my warm-up.  Build to 262.5lbs. and I didn't have any trouble with my back.  Pull felt a little off but other than that, I felt good.  No issues with my back.  DB Split squats sucked.  They were brutal.  My legs were kipping me afterward but I pressed on.  GH neg. weren't too bad.  I  focused on trying to extend my legs and keep everything in the midline solid.  UK deadlifts felt good.  My hamstrings were crying afterward.  My glutes, not so much.  Ox squats were tough.  Used 100lbss, which is usually what I use for this.  Back started getting a little tight toward the end, but a normal tightness.  Felt good afterward.

Training: 6/17/2014

A. Alt EMOM 14'
o - 2-3 Strict MUs
e - 7 Strict Tuck-Ups 
Complete (2 reps on MU each set)

B1. One Arm DB Row: 5 x 6-8 @20X0, rest 1 min b/t arms (60lbs. x 5)
B2. Incline DB Bench Press: 5 x 8-10 @30X0, rest 90 sec (50lbs.)

C. Bottoms-up KB OH Carries: 4 trips/arm, 50m each, rest as needed. (12kg)

I felt heavy on muscle ups today.  Shoulders may have been a bit tight.  Couldn't really turn rings out at the top either.  Too unstable.  Tuck ups felt fine.  Much better than last time.  

For the db rows, I focused on being explosive on the way up.  They felt good but noticed my left arm was more internally rotated than my right when passively hanging with the DB.  Incline press felt good.  Focused on extending the triceps.

Left arm had issues lock the KB out overhead.  This is the side I usually sleep on.  Need to get some internal rotation work done on this side as it is preventing lock out. 

Training: 6/16/2014

A. Snatch Balance x 2 EMOM x 10min (145lbs.)
B. 3 Snatch Deadlifts + Snatch + 3 OHS x 5sets (95,105,115x3)
AD 40 sec @90%/20 sec @50% x 10
Completed only one set (time up)

Notes: I wanted to test some things out and how my back would respond.  Going in, my back was feeling tender, but none of the movements made any change.  Kept all waits very moderate.  Was struggling a little with the snatch balance because my front delts were tight.  Need to hit some internal rotation work.  Snatches felt good though I wasn't dropping my hips in the redirect.  I wasn't concerned about that as much as the dynamic move under the bar, which felt fine.  Only had time for one set of airdyne because of class.  That evening I took a hot epsom salt bath and felt great afterward.  Slept like a baby that night.

Rest Day: 6/15/2014

Notes: Back feels a little sore today, but otherwise I am feeling good. 

Training: 6/14/2014

A. Mixed Grip Strict C2B: 4 x amrap(-2); rest 3 min (4,4,5,6)
B1. Strict Tuck-Ups: 4 x 10, rest 75 sec (complete)
B2. pHSPU: 4 x 2; rest 10 sec (deeper each set)
B3. Strict HSPU: 4 x amrap(-5), rest 2:30' (5,5,5,6)
C. AD 30 min @Z1 - every 5 min, dismount and do ~20 sec Back Support
3min Airdyne For Cals (69cals)

Notes: Felt a bit tired going into training.  Warmed up my scaps, shoulders, and wrists.  Tried out some handstand work and they felt very good.  Freestand for at least 15seconds.  Wrist and hand strength drills are definitely helping.  Afterward, got to my pullups. They felt pretty good.  Moved onto the tuck ups.  They stretched out my lower back, in a good way.  pHSPU felt good.  Tried to engage scaps as much as possible.  Need to figure out a routine to get my shoulders loose before workouts like this.  The internal rotation from my shoulders makes it brutal.  Strict HSPU didn't feel too mad.

Went onto the airdyne and did a 3min max cal with Jason before going into my Z1 work.  I did 69cals on the new airdyne.  It was tough and my lungs were burning at the end, but it felt good to go hard.  Finished with the back supports and airdyne.  Back supports CRUSH my elbows.  Especially the right one.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Training: 6/13/2014

10min Z1
40min Mobility (hips, shoulders, hamstrings, ankles)
10min Z1

Notes: Felt tired today after a so-so night's sleep.  Even the Z1 stuff was tough, especially the rowing, but it got easier the second time around.  Tested out some more movements and feeling better by the day.  Did snatches with an empty bar without any issues.  Need to continue to work on hight hamstring/hip external rotation and ankle flexibility.

Training: 6/12/2014

(video to come)

EMOM x 10min:
2-3 Strict Muscle Ups
7 Strict T2B (tuck ups)
EMOM x 10min:
3-5 pHSPU
30sec Airdyne @ 90%
Wrist Series + Gymnastics Skill Work

Notes: I didn't have anything programmed for today so I tested out a bunch of movements to see how my back felt.  Overall, I am still having just a dull ache, but not the intense pains I was having from the weekend.  Need to engage the lat more on the muscle ups instead of allowing the shoulder to slump forward.  I am really tight and week in my lower abs, couldn't fold from my hips, only my mid-back.  Stuck with tuck-ups instead.  pHSPU felt better with the shoulders back.  I could engage my scaps much better.  Airdyne felt good.  Wrist series has been helping my wrists a lot!

Training: 6/11/2014

AD 10 min warmup
3 rounds:
AD 75 sec @90-95%/2:30' @50%
AD 60 sec @90-95%/2 min @50%
10 min Z1 cooldown - include Bottoms-up KB OH Carries
About 26 cals on 75sec intervals and 21 cals on 60sec intervals.

Notes: After going to see the doc twice this week, my back has improved enough that I can ride the airdyne with no pain.  I did the prescribed workout and felt good.  Got a good sweat going with the warm-up and then hit the intervals.  I thought I would be more effected by the 5 days off but I felt pretty good.  Did my mobility on the shoulders and wrist series afterward.  

Happy to be back training, but I know this is going to be a long way back....

Rest 6/7/2014-6/10/2014

Notes: Recovering from a back injury.  Not sure exactly what the diagnosis is, but it is probably something with the lumbo-sacral vertebra, and the ligament that connects the sacrum to the pelvis.

Training: 6/6/2014

Band Ukranian DLs in warmup
A. Deadlifts w/chains: 6 x 2,2,3,3,4,4 @31X1, rest 4 min (390,375,365 (2),345(1-FAIL)
B1. BB High Box Step-Ups: 4 x 4-6/leg @3111, rest 90 sec b/t legs
notes-bar on back
B2. One Arm DB Row: 4 x 6-8/arm @30X0, rest 60 sec b/t arms

~25%1RM for these below:
C. "Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only
--10 min rest once complete, AD at easy pace--
"Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only

pm recovery if able - 15-20 min Ocean Swim/light Jog in sand; cold shower + brisk toweling

Notes: I warmed up as usual.  Hit a PR double on my firs work set.  Dropped down from there and was able to hit 375 for a double.  On 365, my hips tucked under a bit and I started have some tenderness between my vertebrae.  My ego got the best of me and as I decreased the weight for the next set, I felt a pop in the area and I was left in immense pain on the ground.  I couldn't move without the pain in my back.  My back in the area spasmed.  The weekend was rough, but I will be back. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rest Day: 6/5/2014

Notes: Sternum is really sore today from ring supports yesterday. 

Training: 6/4/2014

A. Wtd Strict Muscle-Up into Transition: 4 x 2 @40X1, rest 2:30' (20lbs., 15, 10,10)
B1. pHSPU: 5 x 5; rest 90 sec (5x5)
B2. No Ft Rope Climb to 15': 5 x 2 trips; rest 90 sec (complete)
C. C2B: 10 x 5 unbroken for time (3:02)
D. Ring Dip Support: 5 x 40-60 sec; rest 60 sec (5x30sec)

Notes: Hit my first no-false grip strict muscle up today.  Key was to relax the hands during the transition.  Still having trouble with multiple weighted reps.  Once the elbows start to fatigue, I am unable to get through the rings.  For the pHSPU, I need to feel it more in the scaps.  I am feeling it way too much in the front delts and this is causing me to arch.  Legless climbs were done from a standing position (no jump), though I was using my legs on the way down because I was pretty fatigued.  Need to retact scap better.

Haven't strung together C2B in a while.  They felt good, though I think I could have kept my shoulder in a better position.  Grip wasn't too bad, though my right pronator was tight afterward.  

Ring dip supports hit my sternum hard today.  This makes me think I was slumping my shoulders forward.  Good work today.  I can see the progress starting to build, though I need to work on strengthening my rear delts.

Training: 6/3/2014

AM Training:
40 min @Z1 - AD, VC, Run, etc - ATW style, switching @~5 min - include Bottoms-up KB OH Carries
Notes: 30min pool swim. 10min drilling then EMOM x 20min of 25m @ 80-90%. Felt good after this. Fun to get in the pool and get some breathing going. Biceps were a bit sore afterward.
PM Training:
AD 10 min @Z1
AMRAP in 40 min:
Airdyne sprint 15 sec @90-95%
rest until HR drops below 110bpm b/f next sprint
Walk 10 min cooldown
Results: Completed 16 reps. Max HR: 164 BPM (did 3 more in the beginning, but they were only 10sec each. I misread the workout).

Notes: These didn't feel too bad. The effort and rest times were way more consistent than the prowler pushes I was doing last month.  Maybe doing the AM swimming had something to do with it?  I was pushing the RPMs on the Airdyne and I was able to keep them up for all 15sec.  The last few sets the last 5 seconds of the interval started to hurt in the diaphragm (sternum area).  Felt okay afterwards.

Training: 6/2/2014

(video to come)

Band Ukranian DLs in warmup
A. Snatch Balance + Hang Squat Snatch: 5 x 1+1; rest 3 min (205lbs. max for day)
B. Squat Clean + Jerk: 4 x 2,1,2,1; rest 4 min - moderate loads (225,245,235,265)
C. KBS: 100 for time, 53lbs (5:11)
D. Negative GHD Raise to parallel & up: complete 15 negatives @4 sec lowering, rest as needed.
notes-keep hips in extension (complete)
4 rounds:
15 Hollow Rocks (extend enough to make challenging but do-able)
rest 1 min, doing 30 sec/side Kneeling Lunge Stretch (active contraction)

Notes: Tried to workout in the AM, but because of a lousy night's sleep, I could barely stand up with 255lbs. in the clean. Decided to cut the workout short and come back in the afternoon.

Felt a lot better in the afternoon. Warmed up quickly and hit 3 sets of snatch balance. Last set was sketchy as my left hip tightened up and my left foot wouldn't move.  I think my CNS is still fried from Friday's heavy deads, that and not doing a squat clean for a while depressed the possible weights for the clean.  Happy with grinding out 265 on a day I couldn't think straight.  I am however extremely happy with how my pull felt in the afternoon.  If I can keep this pull when I am feeling strong, some good things are going to happen.

Forced myself to do sets of 10 on the KB swings.  My usual approach to this would be to go unbroken for as long as I could, and then hang on.  I have to change this approach to become better at the sport as it redlines me.  Now I have to become disciplined in getting back on the KB (or bar) quicker.  

GH negatives felt ok.  I think I was keeping my hips more neutral though I will have to check on this.

Rest Day: 6/1/2014

Notes: Coaching then lots of programming.

Training: 5/31/2014

AD 10 min warmup
3 rounds:
AD 30 sec @85%/90 sec @50%
AD 30 sec @85%/75 sec @50%
AD 30 sec @85%/60 sec @50%
AD 30 sec @85%/45 sec @50%
AD 30 sec @85%/30 sec @50%
AD 30 sec @85%/15 sec @50%
20 min Z1 - mixed modes

Notes: Felt very good today.  Surprising how well I could hold the wattage.  I think the 3min/1min definitely helps! Was able to hold about 360 watts during all sets on new airdyne which is pretty high.  Worked on mobility afterward.

Training: 5/30/2014

A. Deadlifts w/chains: 6 x 2,2,4,4,6,6 @31X1, rest 4 min (80lbs. chains + 385,375,365,345,335,315)
notes-inverted pyramid
B. KBS: 1 x max unbroken 2p (no 2p, 20 reps with 90lbs.)
C. Side Plank: max/side x 2, rest 90 sec b/t sides (1min set #1, 1:10 set #2)

Notes: Deadlift felt a little funky today.  Wasn't getting the hips through and my but was shooting up a bit.  Low back and mid back was smoked.  I was thinking about driving the knees back a maintaining tension but it didn't help much.  Need to work on this.  I didn't have a 32kg KB today, so I used my 90lber.  I was surprised I got that many reps.  Side planks were tough, my goal was to beat my first set during the second set.

Rest Day: 5/29/2014

Notes: Still recovering from last weekend.

Training: 5/28/2014

A. Wtd Strict Muscle-Up into Transition: 3 x 1-2 @40X1, rest 2:30' (20lbs.x3sets)
AMRAP in 20 min: (grinder!)
20 Strict HSPU
20 L-Pullups
20 cal Row
(3 rounds + 20+20)
D. Dip Support*: 5 x 40-50 sec; rest 45 sec
*set parallelettes on boxes at outward at 45 degrees.
(complete 30sec x 5 sets on rings)

Notes: Muscle ups felt pretty good though my body was fatigued.  Elbows felt the most pressure. HSPU felt okay, though I need to feel it more in scaps.  L-pullups smoked my biceps.  Dip supports felt good on the rings, just a little discomfort in the elbows.