Monday, May 12, 2014

Training: 5/9/2014

A. Power Clean + Jerk: 1 rep every 2 min for 10 reps, tough but not max effort (235,235,250,250,280(f),280(f), 275, 275, 275, 275)
B. Front Squat clusters: 3 x 2.2.2 @20X1, rest 20 sec/3 min (255,275(f),275)
C. Banded Ukrainian Deadlift: 2 x 20 @1011, rest 2 min (24kg+green band)
notes-see starting at the 9:30 mark: GLUTE TRAINING | DROP THE USELESS HIP THRUSTER
D. Hollow Rocks: 4 x 15, rest 60 sec, in kneeling lunge stretch (completed in bent position)

Notes: Had a long day today.  Woke up early to teach classes, then had a short break before having to teach another class and then a personal training session.  Felt a bit spent but I got to lie down for a while before having to get to my workout.  Felt really limber warming up and fired up to train.  I was just a bit forward off the floor and it was jacking up my pull.  Need to push off the floor with the chest up while sweeping the bar.  Accidentally jumped to 280lbs. which I thought was 260lbs.. Missed a couple of times there before going back down to 275lbs.. Was catching the high and get push down a bit.  Jerk felt excellent today.  After my last set, I dropped down to 250lbs. to do a power clean + 2 jerks and on my first dip and drive on the jerk, I felt a spasm through my ribcage.  I finished the lift but I was feeling something funky.  I tested out the front squat and it didn't bother it so I decided to finish up.  Had some good fights with the front squat.  Felt much better today there with the ankles good and loose.  Ukrainian deads were money.  Lit up my glutes.  Hollow rocks were okay.  Still can't extend my legs much without my lower back overextending.

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