Sunday, May 11, 2014

Training: 5/7/2014

A. Snatch Balance: 6 x 1; rest 2 min (225,225,235,235,250(F), 250)
B. Snatch Pull + Snatch: 4-6 x 1+1; rest 3 min - moderate loads only, focus on position (165,165,175.185,195(f), 195)
Alt EMOM for 16 min: (quality focus)
odd - 3 L-Pullups
even - 4 DB Push Presses @20X1, 60lb DBs
3 rounds:
10 Hollow Rocks (tucked, so low back rounded)
rest 1 min, doing 30 sec/side Kneeling Lunge Stretch (active contraction)

Notes: Felt good today, but my shoulders and hip flexors were tight building up.  Needed to open up flexors of shoulder.  Hip flexors were smoked from prowler.  Felt heavy today. 

Snatch felt okay though I was throwing my shoulders back a little too much.  Need to readjust the hips not the lower back.  L-pullups felt good and attempting Gymnastic Bodies technique.  DB push press was easy.  Hollow body rocks were good. Not arching.  Can't get to an open hip with a neutral spine.

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