Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Training: 5/5/2014

A1. Deadlift: 5 x 15 @20X0, rest 10 sec (255,255,255,255(11),235)
A2. KB Swings: 5 x 15 unbroken, rest 3 min (32,32,32,28,28)
B. GHD Raises parallel & up only: 5 x 10-15 @2010, rest 90 sec
notes-ribs down/hips in extension at all times
***SB Leg Curls: 5x10-15 @ 2010; rest 90sec (5 sets complete)
C. Hollow Rocks: 4 x 15, rest 60 sec (complete)

Notes: Boy was today miserable.  First off, doing that much work back to back was very high power and after the first set I realized this was essentially a 1:30 lactate interval.  My forearms were burning and by the third set, my back started to lock up on my right side.  I continued on with lighter weights and realized that I wasn't extending completely with my legs.  I would get it to about my knee and then extend through my hips and lower back instead of continuing my leg drive.  The reason I do this is because I want to complete the lift by getting my torso vertical.  I need to keep push and squeeze my ass through.  My back was locked up and my head was foggy for about 15 minutes after.  

Tried the GH Raises and I couldn't keep my hip tucked, so I switched to stability ball leg curls.  For the hollow rocks, there is a flat spot when I do a complete hollow rock.  When I bend my knees it is gone.  Need to press the lower back into the ground more.  This definitely exposed a weakness of mine but I am not sure if it's a lack of mobility, strength, or a combination of both.

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