Thursday, May 15, 2014

Training: 5/14/2014

A1. Deadlift: 5 x 15 @20X0, rest 10 sec (225lbs.)
A2. KB Swings: 5 x 15 unbroken, rest 3 min (24kg)
B. Banded Ukrainian Deadlift: 2 x 20 @1011, rest 2 min (28kg+green band)

C. Hollow Rocks: 5 x 15, rest 60 sec (stretch b/t)

Back felt back to normal today.  Had no issues with it.  Did a bit of smfr on the hamtrings and glutes, and then did boot-strappers on the bench to flatten out the lower back.  

After looking into my deadlift technique, I was interested in giving some touch and go deadlifts another go.  I kept the weight lighter than last time so I did re-enforce bad technique.  Focus was to push the glutes through from the beginning while driving with the legs.  My glutes were on fire during these.  For the kb swings, I drove early with the glutes, and then stayed nice and tight through the mid-line.  Forearms were smoked by the last set.  Lower back was tight at the end, but nothing crazy.  Definitely a step forward with these.  I just have to take my time working my way up from here.

Didn't feel the Ukranian deadlifts nearly as much this session.  I think it was because my glutes had already gone to failure with the deadlifts and kb swings.  Either way that provided a great stretch in the posterior and good core work.  Did a couple of sets of hollow rocks and then moved into some straddle press up work.  Definitely difficult on the core.  My external rotators of my hips in the straddle were killing me.  Need to work on those.  Also my wrist flexibility sucks....bad.

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