Monday, May 12, 2014

Training: 5/12/2014

A. Strict Muscle-Up into Transition: 5 x 2-4 @40X1, rest 2:30', performing Kneeling lunge stretch & bench bootstrappers  
notes-a rep stops in the bottom of the dip; don't press out for now.
B1. Strict K2E/T2B: 5 x 6-9; rest 75 sec
B2. pHSPU: 5 x amrap in 45 sec; rest 75 sec
C1. No Ft Rope Climb: 5 x 1 to 15', lower slowly w/o feet; rest 45 sec
C2. Dip Support*: 5 x 20-30 sec; rest 45 sec

*set parallelettes on boxes at outward at 45 degrees. Set up with scaps retracted, hands will be externally rotated 45 degrees like a good support position on rings. Keep chest up. 

Notes: After going to chiro this morning, I decided my back was good enough to go with the gymnastics work I had scheduled for Saturday.  I got to the gym, road the bike for a bit, then did some dynamic shoulder movements to get ready (didn't need too much work since I had just received soft tissue work).  Started with the transition work.  Focus on keeping chest up through transition. Some discomfort in the elbows there, but nothing crazy.  Did the bootstrapper on the bench for 10reps and some ginga lunge stretches during the rest times.  First set of bootstrappers I let my hamstrings load, but I then emphasized opening up the lower back and I really got a good stretch through the lumbar area.  Moved onto the strict T2B and those were still limited in there ROM.  Tried some different variations to see how they felt.  pHSPU felt good.  Focused on my hips staying tucked and I was getting much better energy transfer on both strict and kipping pHSPUs.  Legless rope climbs felt great.  I picked up a cue from a gymnastic bodies video and stayed more upright instead of relying on elbow flexion.  

Dip supports went well. Easy to stay locked out once in a good position.  Only issue I had was that the set up was wide and put a good amount of pressure on the inside of my elbows.  

Overall, it was a great training session.

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