Sunday, May 4, 2014

Training: 4/23/2014

A. Snatch Balance: 5 x 1; rest 2-3 min (235, 245(F), 245(f), 235, 245)
B. Snatch: 3-5 x 1 @90%+ 1RM, rest 2-3 min (205,205,215,215(f),205)
C1. Half Kneeling KB/DB One Arm Presses: 3 x 7-10 @31X1, rest 1 min b/t arms (50,50,50 x 7)
C2. Strict L-Pullups: 3 x amrap; rest 2 min (6,6,6)
D. DB Push Press: 3 x 6-9 @30X3, rest 90 sec (3 sec hold OH each rep) (30,30,30)

Notes: I was feeling pretty good going into today's training.  Snatch balance didn't click right away, but it loosened up and felt better as I got into things.  Moved on to the snatch and though I was moving well, my pull felt off.  Happy to hit 215, but I know there is more there.  Backed off after a miss and hit 205 to end the day.  DB press felt good and focus on keeping my shoulder back and in a good position.  L-pullups felt off today.  Tight shoulders most likely.  DB push press was much more manageable at a lighter weight.  Still working on a clean lock out.  

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