Sunday, May 4, 2014

Training: 4/22/2014

(note any changes/improvements from last week-keep weight the same again) (50lbs.)
Run and dynamic running drills
AMRAP in 40 min:
High Handle Prowler Push 15 sec* @90-95%
rest until HR drops below 110bpm b/f next push
Walk 10 min cooldown

Reps: 12 (same as last week)
Peak HR: 165
Avg. HR: 135

Notes: It was a bit more humid today so the sled stuck to the ground a bit more.  Legs were a little stiff as well.  Left hip flexor was tender.  At the half way point I had 8 reps, but the rest intervals got much longer from there (2min to about 4min).  Hit the same number of reps as last week but I had longer in the end (about a minute).  My HR just wouldn't get back below 110BPM, and capped at 112BPM.

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