Friday, May 30, 2014

Training: 5/27/2014

A. Snatch Balance: 4-5 x 1; rest 2-3 min - build, max if feeling good (215,225,235,245(F),245)
B. Hang Snatch: 5 x 1; rest 2-3 min - build from last week (190,200(f),210, 220(Fx4) 220)
C1. Banded Ukrainian Deadlift: 2 x 10 @1011, rest 1 min (24kg + green band)
C2. GHD Raise to parallel & up: 2 x 5-7 @31X0, rest 1 min (negatives only)
notes-keep hips in extension
4 rounds:
10 Hollow Rocks (extend enough to make challenging but do-able)
rest 1 min, doing 30 sec/side Kneeling Lunge Stretch (active contraction)

Notes: First day back from vacation.  I am dying. My lungs are still filled with smoke and I didn't sleep well over the last 5 days.  Wasn't expecting much going into this.  Lats were tight so it took a while to get comfortable overhead.  Missed a rep going up, but came back to make it.  I am gaining confidence in getting the elbows locked out.  The confidence is working with bar/ring lock outs.  

Hang snatches felt okay though I think I need to drive into extension without overtending my lower back or throwing my hips forward. No problem on the UK deadlifts, but I can't keep my hips extended on GH Raises.  Did negatives instead.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rest: 5/22/2014-5/26/2014

Notes: 5 days off.  Most since last year.  Need a break but I hope I can get some rest over this weekend.

Training: 5/21/2014

A1. Deadlift: 3 x 12 @20X0, rest 10 sec (235,245,255)
A2. KB Swings: 3 x 20 unbroken, rest 3 min (24kg)
B. Banded Ukrainian Deadlift: 2 x 20 @1011, rest 2 min (24kg + green band)
C. Hollow Rocks: 3 x 20, rest 90 sec (stretch b/t) Complete
D. Dip Support: 3 x 30-40 sec; rest 45 sec Completed on Rings

Notes: Had to break up this training session due to a meeting.  Deadlifts felt great today.  Pushing the knees back off the floor loads the hamstrings much better.  From there I just drive with the hips.  KB swings were tough but all sets were unbroken.  Need to build to grip endurance up here because my forearms were smoked afterward.  UK deadlifts felt good.  Hamstrings got a big burn.  

Hit the second part after class and I was feeling awesome.  Hollow rocks felt good and I did the supports on rings with hands turned out.  Threw in some HS work afterward.  Need to build up wrist strength.

Last training session before leaving for New Orleans...bachelor party.

Training: 5/20/2014

AD 10 min @Z1
AD 3 min@tough pace/1 min easy pace x 8
Cals: 50-53cals

Notes: This went much better than last week.  Focused on keeping the RPE at 8 the entire time rather than focusing on the wattage.  Felt good afterward and hit some mobility.

Training: 5/19/2014

A. Power Clean + Jerk: 2 reps every 2 min for 6 sets, tough but not max effort (215,225,235,235,245,250)
B. Front Squat clusters: 3 x 2.2.2 @20X1, rest 20 sec/3 min (245,260,280)
C. Banded Ukrainian Deadlift: 2 x 20 @1011, rest 2 min (2x24kg)
D. Hollow Rocks: 4 x 17, rest 60 sec, in kneeling lunge stretch (complete)

Notes: Felt good warming up though my lats were tight.  I was bumping the bar out in the beginning but starting pushing the knees back, gaining tension through the back of my legs.  Need to sit and punch with the legs now.  Jerks felt good though my shoulders were tight.  Caught 250 and popped my rib out again.  Not as bad as last time but still very painful.  Finished up at the same weight. Front squats don't bother it so went forward.  Stayed tight in the bottom position and was able to go 5lbs. heavier than last week.  Very happy with that.

Ukrainian deadlifts lit my hamstrings up.  Hollow rocks felt good. 

Rest Day: 5/18/2014

Notes: Feeling good.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Training: 5/17/2014

AM Training
A. Strict Muscle-Up into Transition: 3 x 2-3 @40X1, rest 2:30', performing Kneeling lunge stretch & bench bootstrappers . (3,3,3)
B1. Strict K2E/T2B: 2 x 6-9; rest 75 sec (9,9)
B2. pHSPU: 2 x amrap in 45 sec; rest 75 sec (11, 8(strict)
C. (quality focus, rest as needed)
20-15-10-5 Strict HSPU
4-3-2-1 No Ft Rope Climbs
D. Dip Support*: 5 x 30-40 sec; rest 45 sec
*set parallelettes on boxes at outward at 45 degrees. 

50 min @Z1 - HR<145 -="" can="" choice="" div="" include="" mobility="" skill="" your="">Went to local pool and did some stuff on the diving board and played pool basketball.

Notes: Morning training session went well though my shoulders and lats were a little sore from yesterday's emom work.  Transitions are feeling solid even though they were tight.  T2B felt better than last time.  For the pHSPU I was trying to focus on the same feeling at the DB push press. Stay back and let the scaps do the work.  Tester was a grind though I rested plenty.  

Dip supports felt easy today and no trouble on lock outs.

Went to the pool later in the day and played a good 40minutes of pool basketball and went off the diving board for a bit.

Training: 5/16/2014

A. Snatch Balance: 8 x 1; rest 2 min - wave load, speed focus (185,205,225,205,225,235,245,235,255)
B. Hang Snatch: 5 x 1; rest 2-3 min - moderate loads only, focus on position (205,215(F)x2, 205,215,205)
Alt EMOM for 16 min: (quality focus)
odd - 4 L-Pullups
even - 5-6 DB Push Presses @20X1, 60lb DBs
Complete As Prescribed
4 rounds:
10 Hollow Rocks (tucked, so low back rounded)
rest 1 min, doing 30 sec/side Kneeling Lunge Stretch (active contraction)

Notes: Good training session today. Found the first rib mobility helped my overhead position a lot.  Snatch balance had no misses today and felt very comfortable in the lock out.  Hang snatch felt good though my legs didn't have much pulling power today.  Battled with 215 for a few sets but got some good work in at 205lbs.. EMOM was quality today.  Varied the grip on the pullups a bit to see what that would do.  Narrow grip is easier.  DB push presses felt good.  Need to stay back and let the dbs come to me.

Rest Day: 5/15/2014

Notes: Feeling good going into my rest day.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Training: 5/14/2014

A1. Deadlift: 5 x 15 @20X0, rest 10 sec (225lbs.)
A2. KB Swings: 5 x 15 unbroken, rest 3 min (24kg)
B. Banded Ukrainian Deadlift: 2 x 20 @1011, rest 2 min (28kg+green band)

C. Hollow Rocks: 5 x 15, rest 60 sec (stretch b/t)

Back felt back to normal today.  Had no issues with it.  Did a bit of smfr on the hamtrings and glutes, and then did boot-strappers on the bench to flatten out the lower back.  

After looking into my deadlift technique, I was interested in giving some touch and go deadlifts another go.  I kept the weight lighter than last time so I did re-enforce bad technique.  Focus was to push the glutes through from the beginning while driving with the legs.  My glutes were on fire during these.  For the kb swings, I drove early with the glutes, and then stayed nice and tight through the mid-line.  Forearms were smoked by the last set.  Lower back was tight at the end, but nothing crazy.  Definitely a step forward with these.  I just have to take my time working my way up from here.

Didn't feel the Ukranian deadlifts nearly as much this session.  I think it was because my glutes had already gone to failure with the deadlifts and kb swings.  Either way that provided a great stretch in the posterior and good core work.  Did a couple of sets of hollow rocks and then moved into some straddle press up work.  Definitely difficult on the core.  My external rotators of my hips in the straddle were killing me.  Need to work on those.  Also my wrist flexibility sucks....bad.

Training: 5/13/2014

Airdyne 10min @ Z1
7 sets:
3min @ Tough Pace
1min easy (rest)
Results: 56cals, 50calsx6

Notes: Felt pretty good going into today's workout.  Haven't done airdyne work in quite some time.  We have brand new airdynes at our gym, but they are AD6's.  They have a much smaller fan and are very smooth.  The biggest difference is that the candence is much higher at lower wattages.  I was in the 85-90 RPM range just to hit 300 watts.  Boy did that change things up.  Having that many contractions just smoked me.  My the end this got really difficult.  It too everything I had to keep the cals at 50.  Tough workout for me.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Training: 5/12/2014

A. Strict Muscle-Up into Transition: 5 x 2-4 @40X1, rest 2:30', performing Kneeling lunge stretch & bench bootstrappers  
notes-a rep stops in the bottom of the dip; don't press out for now.
B1. Strict K2E/T2B: 5 x 6-9; rest 75 sec
B2. pHSPU: 5 x amrap in 45 sec; rest 75 sec
C1. No Ft Rope Climb: 5 x 1 to 15', lower slowly w/o feet; rest 45 sec
C2. Dip Support*: 5 x 20-30 sec; rest 45 sec

*set parallelettes on boxes at outward at 45 degrees. Set up with scaps retracted, hands will be externally rotated 45 degrees like a good support position on rings. Keep chest up. 

Notes: After going to chiro this morning, I decided my back was good enough to go with the gymnastics work I had scheduled for Saturday.  I got to the gym, road the bike for a bit, then did some dynamic shoulder movements to get ready (didn't need too much work since I had just received soft tissue work).  Started with the transition work.  Focus on keeping chest up through transition. Some discomfort in the elbows there, but nothing crazy.  Did the bootstrapper on the bench for 10reps and some ginga lunge stretches during the rest times.  First set of bootstrappers I let my hamstrings load, but I then emphasized opening up the lower back and I really got a good stretch through the lumbar area.  Moved onto the strict T2B and those were still limited in there ROM.  Tried some different variations to see how they felt.  pHSPU felt good.  Focused on my hips staying tucked and I was getting much better energy transfer on both strict and kipping pHSPUs.  Legless rope climbs felt great.  I picked up a cue from a gymnastic bodies video and stayed more upright instead of relying on elbow flexion.  

Dip supports went well. Easy to stay locked out once in a good position.  Only issue I had was that the set up was wide and put a good amount of pressure on the inside of my elbows.  

Overall, it was a great training session.

Rest Day: 5/11/2014

Notes: Back is feeling much better.  If I had to, I could workout out today, but I figured I would just give it another complete day off and relax.  Seeing the chiro again on Monday.

Rest Day: 5/10/2014

Got home and when things slowed town the back spasm worsened.  I had trouble sleeping on Friday night and Saturday morning I couldn't move much.  Saw my chiropractor on Saturday morning.  It started feeling a bit better toward the end of the day and have been putting heat on it to loosen up the spasm.  Took today off and will re-evaluate on Sunday.

Training: 5/9/2014

A. Power Clean + Jerk: 1 rep every 2 min for 10 reps, tough but not max effort (235,235,250,250,280(f),280(f), 275, 275, 275, 275)
B. Front Squat clusters: 3 x 2.2.2 @20X1, rest 20 sec/3 min (255,275(f),275)
C. Banded Ukrainian Deadlift: 2 x 20 @1011, rest 2 min (24kg+green band)
notes-see starting at the 9:30 mark: GLUTE TRAINING | DROP THE USELESS HIP THRUSTER
D. Hollow Rocks: 4 x 15, rest 60 sec, in kneeling lunge stretch (completed in bent position)

Notes: Had a long day today.  Woke up early to teach classes, then had a short break before having to teach another class and then a personal training session.  Felt a bit spent but I got to lie down for a while before having to get to my workout.  Felt really limber warming up and fired up to train.  I was just a bit forward off the floor and it was jacking up my pull.  Need to push off the floor with the chest up while sweeping the bar.  Accidentally jumped to 280lbs. which I thought was 260lbs.. Missed a couple of times there before going back down to 275lbs.. Was catching the high and get push down a bit.  Jerk felt excellent today.  After my last set, I dropped down to 250lbs. to do a power clean + 2 jerks and on my first dip and drive on the jerk, I felt a spasm through my ribcage.  I finished the lift but I was feeling something funky.  I tested out the front squat and it didn't bother it so I decided to finish up.  Had some good fights with the front squat.  Felt much better today there with the ankles good and loose.  Ukrainian deads were money.  Lit up my glutes.  Hollow rocks were okay.  Still can't extend my legs much without my lower back overextending.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rest Day: 5/8/2014

Notes: All good, but Friday is going to be a long day!

Training: 5/7/2014

A. Snatch Balance: 6 x 1; rest 2 min (225,225,235,235,250(F), 250)
B. Snatch Pull + Snatch: 4-6 x 1+1; rest 3 min - moderate loads only, focus on position (165,165,175.185,195(f), 195)
Alt EMOM for 16 min: (quality focus)
odd - 3 L-Pullups
even - 4 DB Push Presses @20X1, 60lb DBs
3 rounds:
10 Hollow Rocks (tucked, so low back rounded)
rest 1 min, doing 30 sec/side Kneeling Lunge Stretch (active contraction)

Notes: Felt good today, but my shoulders and hip flexors were tight building up.  Needed to open up flexors of shoulder.  Hip flexors were smoked from prowler.  Felt heavy today. 

Snatch felt okay though I was throwing my shoulders back a little too much.  Need to readjust the hips not the lower back.  L-pullups felt good and attempting Gymnastic Bodies technique.  DB push press was easy.  Hollow body rocks were good. Not arching.  Can't get to an open hip with a neutral spine.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Training: 5/6/2014

AD 10 min @Z1
AMRAP in 60 min:
Airdyne sprint 15 sec @90-95%
rest until HR drops below 110bpm b/f next sprint
Walk 10 min cooldown

Reps: 18 (13 at the 39:00 mark-PR)
Avg. HR: 129
Max HR: 162

Notes: Not as hard this week.  The only thing that was hard to swallow was having to do this for an hour.  Noticed that at one point after a rep I picked up my cell phone and read an email, about 45seconds later, my HR had recovered.  I think perceiving additional exercise causes my HR to stay higher.

Training: 5/5/2014

A1. Deadlift: 5 x 15 @20X0, rest 10 sec (255,255,255,255(11),235)
A2. KB Swings: 5 x 15 unbroken, rest 3 min (32,32,32,28,28)
B. GHD Raises parallel & up only: 5 x 10-15 @2010, rest 90 sec
notes-ribs down/hips in extension at all times
***SB Leg Curls: 5x10-15 @ 2010; rest 90sec (5 sets complete)
C. Hollow Rocks: 4 x 15, rest 60 sec (complete)

Notes: Boy was today miserable.  First off, doing that much work back to back was very high power and after the first set I realized this was essentially a 1:30 lactate interval.  My forearms were burning and by the third set, my back started to lock up on my right side.  I continued on with lighter weights and realized that I wasn't extending completely with my legs.  I would get it to about my knee and then extend through my hips and lower back instead of continuing my leg drive.  The reason I do this is because I want to complete the lift by getting my torso vertical.  I need to keep push and squeeze my ass through.  My back was locked up and my head was foggy for about 15 minutes after.  

Tried the GH Raises and I couldn't keep my hip tucked, so I switched to stability ball leg curls.  For the hollow rocks, there is a flat spot when I do a complete hollow rock.  When I bend my knees it is gone.  Need to press the lower back into the ground more.  This definitely exposed a weakness of mine but I am not sure if it's a lack of mobility, strength, or a combination of both.

Rest Day: 5/4/2014

Notes: Rest today.

Training: 5/3/2014

A. Strict Muscle-Ups: 5 x 2-3 @60X2, rest 2:30' (5x2)
B1. Strict K2E: 5 x 5; rest 75 sec (5x5 w/ variations)
B2. pHSPU: 5 x amrap in 45 sec; rest 75 sec (7,8,9,8,9)
7 rounds:
10 Pushups
1 No Ft Rope Climb to 15'
Time: 6:55+
30-40 min Z1 - your choice (20min completed on airdyne + 10min Mobility)

Notes: Feeling a little tired and tight going into today's training.  Wasn't overly motivated but I knew there was work to be done.  Muscle up felt good, but I can't seem to get into a good shoulder position transitioning through the rings.  It makes me unable to get the proper lock out at the top.  I did some variations of knees to elbow and toes to bar.  Definitely need some work there as I am unable to pull my legs up without leaning back some (tightness in the upper hamstring?)  Finally making some progress on the pHSPU.  I was able to get more aggressive with the kip.  Tester was tough but I stayed consistent.  I didn't want to do too much kipping as I know I want to build strength at this point.  Grip became the limiter in the end.  Happy with how this went though.

Did 20minute bike and then mobility to finish the day.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Training: 5/2/2014

A. Power Clean + Jerk: 1 rep every 90 sec for 10 reps, 85% effort max (235x3,245x2,x255x3,265x1)
B. Front Squat: 4 x 2,1,2,1 @20X1, rest 2-3 min - wave load (255,285,275,300)
C. BB Hip Thrusts: 1 x 6-8 @2111, rest 2 min (305lbs.)
notes-warm up and hit one max effort set
D. BB Good Mornings: 3 x 10 @3010, rest 90 sec (95lbs.)

Notes: Wasn't feeling too fired up before this training session.  I went right into this after a personal training session and I was feeling a little drained.  Kept the power clean and jerks to 85% and didn't push too much.  Pull felt amazing and jerk felt even better.  I was sitting down and extending on the pull and I was extending through my upper back and staying vertical on the dip and drive for the jerk.  Front squats felt a bit heavy today, so didn't go crazy there.  High groin was tender.  Hip thrusts were tough but when they get really heavy it almost becomes a core stability movement.  

Good mornings smoked my hamstrings, though I was feeling some "tweaky-ness" in my lower abs as I got into the bottom of the movement.  Midline remained neutral.

Rest Day: 5/1/2014

Notes: Rest

Training: 4/30/2014

A. Snatch Balance: 3 x 1; rest 2-3 min (235,245,260(f))
B. Snatch: build to a heavy single (205lbs.)
C1. Strict L-Pullups: 3 x amrap; rest 2 min (6,6,6)
C2. DB Push Press: 3 x 6-10 @20X1, rest 90 sec (40,50,60)

Notes: I have been working on my thoracic mobility and my overhead position felt much better today.  Need to groove the proper movement pattern under the bar now and gain some confidence. Though I felt really strong today, my pull was way off and I was bumping the bar out in front.  Went back down to groove a straight pull and I noticed I was close.  Came back in the evening and fixed things.  Pullup felt better today. Focused on screwing the shoulder into the socket.  DB push press heavier than last week and felt stable.  

Training: 4/29/2014

60min Z1 (around the world)

Notes: hit 1min intervals on the airdyne, row, gymnastic hold, and run.  Calves were sore afterward. 

Training: 4/28/2014

pm only:
Banded GMs in warmup - 2-3 x ~10
A. Deadlift: 10 x 2 @41X1, rest 4 min (365,375,385,395,405, 410,405,415,405,405)
B. BB Hip Thrusts: 3 x 6-8 @2111, rest 2 min
C. BB Back Extensions: 2 x 15 @2011, rest 1 min

Notes: Deadlifts felt great today.  I was leaning off the bar much better and it allowed my to stay through my hamstrings.  Didn't go crazy as there was a lot of work sets today.  Hit 6 sets at 400 or greater so I was happy with that.  Hip thrusts got heavier than last week.  Back extensions felt better too as I was knew what to expect.  

Hit some thoracic mobility and ankle mobility afterward.

Rest Day: 4/27/2014

Notes: Just rest and relaxation...and eating.

Training: 4/26/2014

A. Strict Muscle-Ups: 5 x 2 @60X2, rest 2:30' (5x2 complete)
B1. Strict K2E: 4 x 4-5; rest 75 sec (4x5 complete)
B2. HS Walk: 4 x 50'; rest 75 sec (3x5 complete. Out turn and back)
notes-make an obstacle course if easy
C. No Ft Rope Climb to 15': 7 trips for time. (did not complete, ran out of time)
For 40 min:
AD Sprint hard the first 7 sec of every minute; easy spin the remainder of the minute
Walk 10 min cooldown

Notes: Muscle ups were feeling good though I need to work on keeping my shoulder in a better position.  At the top, I couldn't keep my shoulder externally rotated.  Strict knees to elbow were easy.  Haven't done HS walks in a while and was getting over extended.  Need to focus on extending through my thoracic and shoulders.  Couldn't get the rope climbs in as I was teaching a class afterward and went right to the Airdyne.  No issues there and the watts were at 900.

Training: 4/25/2014

pm only:
A. Power Clean + Jerk: 7 x 1; rest 2:30' (235,245,255,265,275,285(f), 285(f*), 280(f*))
B. Front Squat: 6 x 2,1,2,1,2,1 @22X1, rest 2-3 min - wave load, not maximal - ensure concentric bar speed stays up (245,265,255,270,262.5,277.5)
C1. BB Reverse Lunge: 2 x 4-6/leg @21X0, rest 1 min b/t legs (210,225)
C2. Banded Good Mornings: 2 x 15 @3030, rest 1 min (complete)
D. BB Hip Thrusts: 2 x 10-12 @2111, rest 2 min (185,205)

Notes: Felt great before today's training session.  I was able to relax for a bit after my noon class and then hit my workout in the afternoon.  Warmed up quickly and started getting after it.  Pull felt pretty good today, though I think I could have sat down a bit more.  Overall the bar was just moving well and I was feeling confident.  

Front squats continued to feel heavy.  No leg drive.  Maybe they are depleted after the olympic lifting?? Reverse lunges continue to go up and I hit a set of 6 at 225lbs. on each leg with a pause.  Hip thrusters fellt good.  Overall happy with this training session.

Rest Day: 4/24/2014

Notes: Rest is in order for today.  Nothing fancy, just sitting by the pool and relaxing.  

Training: 4/23/2014

A. Snatch Balance: 5 x 1; rest 2-3 min (235, 245(F), 245(f), 235, 245)
B. Snatch: 3-5 x 1 @90%+ 1RM, rest 2-3 min (205,205,215,215(f),205)
C1. Half Kneeling KB/DB One Arm Presses: 3 x 7-10 @31X1, rest 1 min b/t arms (50,50,50 x 7)
C2. Strict L-Pullups: 3 x amrap; rest 2 min (6,6,6)
D. DB Push Press: 3 x 6-9 @30X3, rest 90 sec (3 sec hold OH each rep) (30,30,30)

Notes: I was feeling pretty good going into today's training.  Snatch balance didn't click right away, but it loosened up and felt better as I got into things.  Moved on to the snatch and though I was moving well, my pull felt off.  Happy to hit 215, but I know there is more there.  Backed off after a miss and hit 205 to end the day.  DB press felt good and focus on keeping my shoulder back and in a good position.  L-pullups felt off today.  Tight shoulders most likely.  DB push press was much more manageable at a lighter weight.  Still working on a clean lock out.  

Training: 4/22/2014

(note any changes/improvements from last week-keep weight the same again) (50lbs.)
Run and dynamic running drills
AMRAP in 40 min:
High Handle Prowler Push 15 sec* @90-95%
rest until HR drops below 110bpm b/f next push
Walk 10 min cooldown

Reps: 12 (same as last week)
Peak HR: 165
Avg. HR: 135

Notes: It was a bit more humid today so the sled stuck to the ground a bit more.  Legs were a little stiff as well.  Left hip flexor was tender.  At the half way point I had 8 reps, but the rest intervals got much longer from there (2min to about 4min).  Hit the same number of reps as last week but I had longer in the end (about a minute).  My HR just wouldn't get back below 110BPM, and capped at 112BPM.

Training: 4/21/2014

pm only:
Banded GMs in warmup - 2-3 x ~10

A. Deadlift: 6 x 3-4 @41X1, rest 4 min (315,335,355,375,390)
B. BB Hip Thrusts: 5 x 8-10 @2111, rest 2 min (205,225,235(8), 235,245)
C1. BB Reverse Lunge: 3 x 4-6/leg @21X0, rest 1 min b/t legs (175,185,205)
C2. BB Back Extensions: 3 x 15 @2011, rest 1 min (22lb. bar)

Notes: Was not feeling good today.  Had a headache going into the workout and it only got worse through the workout.  I had some orange juice with a bit of salt. 2 hours prior to the workout and I guess my blood sugar was off.  Wasn't keeping the tension in my hamstring and sitting back on the deadlifts.  Hip thrusts were okay just an uncomfortable set up today.  Reverse lunges weren't bad, and went heavier than before.  Back extensions destroyed my butt.  These were difficult.