Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Training: 4/8/2014

Run and dynamic running drills
AMRAP in 40 min:
High Handle Prowler Push 15 sec* @90-95%
rest until HR drops below 110bpm b/f next push
Walk 10 min cooldown

*keep it light so there is high turnover. Mark start and finish points on the first rep, then simply use this distance instead of timing it. Count how many reps you get. Also, get av. & peak HR for the 40'.

Reps: 12

Notes: Warmed up with dynamic mobility and made sure to have some gatorade on hand as this was going to be a long workout.  The humidity is kicking into full gear down here already so the heat was rough.  I was tested the 15" interval with an empty prowler and found 60m was just about right for the distance.  I loaded up 50lbs. and got to work.  Heart rate came down within 2 minutes for the first few sets, but then it took longer towards the end of the workout, about 4:30.  This started sucking half way through, but all in all I got some good work in.  

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