Monday, April 7, 2014

Training: 4/7/2014

A. Deadlift: Build to Max (450lbs.)
B. BB Hip Thrusts: 4x10-12 @ 2111; rest 2min (135,155,185,225)
C1. BB Reverse Lunges: 3x6-8/leg @ 21x0; rest 60sec b/t legs (135,145,155)
C2. Banded Good Mornings: 3x12 @ 3030; rest 60sec (purple)

Notes: Monday's aren't usually my strongest day.  This Monday was after a week off from training, so I was pretty fired up to train, but I also knew to closely monitor how I was feeling and not push too hard.  

Deadlift technique felt okay.  Tried to drive with my legs as much as I could off the floor, but I was dumping forward a bit as the weight got heavier.  Upper back needs to stay stronger off the floor.  Need to do better off the floor as this will cook my lower back.  Hitting 450 after being off for a week and not being exposed to heavy deadlifts is a good sign.  My goal is 500lbs. by the end of the year.  I have never done BB Hip Thrusts during work sets.  Man were my lower glutes on fire here.

Reverse lunges felt good.  Right leg is a lot weaker than the left.  Since this was a posterior chain dominant workout, I kept most of my bodyweight on my front leg and drove through my heal to stand up.  My glutes were working hard on this.

Wasn't sure how the banded good mornings would feel.  Glutes were lit up here and I was pretty taxed from trying not to overextend as I came up.  I through in some thoracic work also by keeping my hands behind my head.

Good first day back.  Need to eat and sleep.  Repeat.

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