Sunday, April 13, 2014

Training: 4/12/2014

A. CG Bench Press: build to a heavy single (285lbs.)
B. Wtd Chin-Up: build to a heavy single (100.5lbs.-BWT: 186.5)
For 40 min:
AD Sprint hard the first 7 sec of every minute; easy spin the remainder of the minute
Walk 10 min cooldown

Notes: got this in in the morning.  Energy wasn't great, perhaps something with blood sugar.  Haven't bench pressed in over a month.  Hit 285 and then jumped to 300.  Missed there so went back down to 295 and barely missed.  Shoulders felt good with this however.  Moved to weighted chin-ups.  Increased shoulder mobility has definitely helped with pullups as I feel the elbows end in a much better position. 

Airdyne work to finish the session off.  Didn't have cals/watts so just went my perceived effort. 

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