Sunday, April 13, 2014

Training: 4/11/2014

A. Front Squat: 5 x 2 @22X1, rest 3 min - ensure concentric bar speed stays up (245,255,265,275,285(1))
B1. BB Reverse Lunge: 3 x 6-8/leg @21X0, rest 1 min b/t legs (135,145,160)
B2. Banded Good Mornings: 3 x 12 @3030, rest 1 min (purple)
C. BB Hip Thrusts: 2 x 10-12 @2111, rest 2 min (155,205)

Notes: Trained up at CFBB in the evening hoping that my energy levels would be better.  Felt pretty good in the evening and warmed up with a heavy single clean and jerk.  Pull felt light off the ground but my brain just wasn't there in the catch.  I have been trying orange juice this last week to keep liver glycogen topped off but I think it's having a negative effect on blood sugar maintenance as I have been tired after drinking it.  

Front squats felt tough today.  Just didn't have it in my legs.  Hit some solid weight but couldn't get the tension into my quads to extend my knees.  Reverse lunges were tougher than the other day but right side felt better than last time.  Banded good mornings felt good.  Bench was too high on the BB Hip thrusts.  Back was aggravated afterward. 

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