Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Training: 3/28/2014

Open Workout 14.5
Time: 11:23

Notes: Haven't gotten great sleep over the last two days so wasn't feeling amazing, but felt good.  Plan for the workout was to break the reps into two sets right from the beginning and stay consistent throughout the workout.  No big rests, just grind.  I have done thruster burpee workouts in the past (tuesday was the last one), so I wasn't too afraid of the pain.  I knew it would come, but I also knew I could deal with it.  

Started to hurt bad during the set of 15 burpees.  The BH burpees were just slow and relentless.  Laid down the hammer in the set of 6.  Really happy with strategy, pacing, and execution.  Not sure how much faster I could have done this one.

Open complete.  Time to rest.

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