Friday, March 7, 2014

Training: 3/5/2014

A. Push Jerk: 3x2-3; rest 3min (255,265,275)
For Reps:
1min Double Unders (108)
2min HSPU (23)
3min Muscle Ups (18)
2min HR Pushups (40)
1min C2B Pullups (18)

Notes: Warmed up with mobility and scap activation work to prepare overhead in the push jerk.  My goal for this training session was to hit 275lbs. and I was able to accomplish that.  Unfortunately, I wasn't catching them clean and wasn't committing to getting the bar behind my head with the head through.  I think this is a combination of lack of confidence and tight shoulders on the day.  

Moved into the AMRAP work after hitting some extra mobility.  Double unders were unbroken and then I started in on the HSPU.  Didn't get the wrists warm and I was having issues balancing on the wall.  Need to remember to hit this in the future.  Muscle ups felt okay, though I was still cautious sitting through the rings.  Didn't allow me to kip efficiently.   I know when the rings are a bit lower (less slack), things will start to click there.  HR pushups were rough after the muscle ups. Finished off with C2B but my lats were gone after the muscle ups so getting my chest to the bar was a bit of an issue.

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