Friday, March 7, 2014

Training: 3/4/2014

AM Training:
A. Front Squat: 3,1,3,1,3,1; rest 4min (265,285,275,300 (f), 280,295)
B. Squat Cleans: 5x3 TnG; rest 3min (215,225,235,245(f),250)
C. Deadlift: 3x3 TnG (80%); rest 3min
D. 50 Deadlift for time (225lbs.)

Notes: Back is still fatigued and tight.  Worked on loosening it up for a good 30 minutes prior to coming into the gym.  Front squats felt really heavy today.  Warming up I could tell that my back wasn't recovered yet.  Brain was sharp though.  Missed 300 because I lost my position forward.  Came back and made 280 pretty solid.  Kept it moderate on squat cleans because my back was giving me fits.  Missed forward on set 4, but since the pull felt easy, I bumped it up and hit 250 solid.  I cut the workout there as I didn't want to exacerbate any issues.  Happy that I was able to hit some decent weights even though my back was shot.

PM Training
30sec @ 90%
30sec @ 50%
x 36sets (rest 5min b/t 18/19)

Notes: First few sets were rough as I was short on time and quickly warmed up.  Quads were also a bit sore.  Caffeine started kicking in around set 10 and my wattage jumped up into the 400s after holding 393 for the first 15 sets.

The second half I was able to hold over 400 for the first 9 sets, then over 424 the next nine without getting into the suck.  Felt great afterward.

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