Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Training: 3/2/2014

Workout 14.1 (take 2)
30 Double Under
15 Ground to Overhead (75lbs.)
Result: 359

Notes: Looking at my score on the leaderboard, I realized I needed to redo this workout regardless if I knew it would hurt or not.  

I changed up my strategy and broke the reps up right from the beginning.  I decided to go with clean and jerks right away as well since this was a lot less taxing on my grip and lower back despite being a bit slower  in turn over.  Plan worked perfectly and I was able to hold the pace until the 2 minute mark where I laid down the hammer.  Tripped a couple times on double unders during the workout but other than that I think that is as fast as I could go with the limitations in power snatches that I have.  Was hoping to get into the double unders but oh well.

Just need to be consistent and not have a terrible workout in order to qualify.

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