Friday, March 21, 2014

Training: 3/19/2014

Rotate EMOM for 20 min:
1st min - 8 T2B
2nd min - 12 Wallballs
3rd min - 15 Box Jumps/Steps 20"
4th min - 5 TnG Power Cleans ~50-60%1RM (165lbs.)
5th min - 40 DUs

Notes: Body is almost back to normal.  Back is still inflammed but better than yesterday.  Finding focus again.  T2B have been feeling really good.  Just have to stay relaxed in the arms and let the flexion form my hips do the work.  Played with foot position on the wall balls.  They felt easy.  Box jumps weren't bad.  Tech felt good on the power cleans.  I was being more patient on the leg drive and finishing with my hips back.  Tweaked my grip on the jump rope and double unders felt much better.

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