Friday, March 21, 2014

Training: 3/17/2014

Open Workout 14.4 (attempt 2)
Score: 136 reps

Notes:  What a disaster today.  Didn't sleep last night due to anxiety.  Just felt tired and down.  Got some ART work done in the morning and K-Tape for my back.  Warmed up quickly and knew from my grip being tired that my CNS was shot.  My strategy was to give myself more time on the 315 bar by doing box jumps.  Had to energy today and by the 185lbs. box jumps I was already stepping up and down from the box.  Broke the reps up on the deadlift, but the deadlifts at 275lbs. just took too long.  Only had 40 seconds on the last bar.  Hit 6 reps and failed on 7th.  Had nothing left.

This workout knocks me out of the running for regionals.  I am going to have think about this....  

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