Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Training: 3/11/2014

AM Training:
A. Deadlift: 4 x 5 TnG; rest 2 min - last set tough only (315,335,365,385)
B1. Power Clean clusters: 3 x 3.3.3; rest 20 sec/2 min (185,205,225)
notes-increase per round
B2. T2B: 3 x 15; rest 2 min (UB,UB,UB)
C. Burpees AFAP: 6 x amrap in 15 sec; rest 30 sec (9,9,8,9,9,9)

Notes: Felt okay going into the gym.  Slept like a log last night.  Body was a bit sore, but nothing crazy.  I think breaking up the reps in the Open Workout cut down on soreness.  Made sure my hips were warm then built in the deadlift.  Hands are a bit ripped up so used straps.  Deads felt good, though on my last set there was a little tweak in my lower back.  Something between the lowest vertebrae.  Will be sore from it tomorrow, but nothing to cause concern.  Funny that heavy singles don't give me a problem but TnG reps break down my form.  Food for thought.

Power cleans felt pretty good, though they were rough on my hands.  Keeping the hook grip was tight on my right wrist.  Need to mobilize wrist before TnG power cleans. 225 wasn't much of a challenge even though I wasn't feeling my best today.  T2B felt good.  Can't wait for these in an open workout.  

Burpees felt fast.  Focused on driving the hips through to extend body and save time.  

PM Training:
HICT Row 15 min @HR<160 b="">(3500m)

--3 min rest--
Box Jumps/Steps 24" - amrap in 10 min (step down on these; HR<160 b="">(140reps)
20 min Z1 - your choice

Notes: Came back to the gym 4 hours later and hit this training session.  Warm in the gym so heart rate might have been a bit elevated.  Worked on rowing technique during the interval.  Back was tight after getting off the rower.  

Box step-ups caused my heart rate to creep up though the movement itself was challenging.  

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