Sunday, February 9, 2014

Training: 2/7/2014

30 Thrusters (95lbs.) (:55sec)
Row 500m (1:41.2)
Time: 2:44
-rest 15min
500m Row (1:38.2)
20 Deadlifts (185lbs.)
Time: 2:18

Notes: I was feeling tired today.  Did this workout in morning as well.  Legs were just dead.  Warmed up the CNS with a heavy press, then did some thrusters and some rowing to get my engine ready.  Goal was to go under 2:40 for the first tester. 30 thrusters went pretty smooth and I breathed throughout.  Last ten reps burned the quads and shoulders and took 55 seconds.  Got on the rower and dropped the pace to 1:40.  This felt okay, but I couldn't hit my next gear.  I think the limiter in my time was the last push on the rower, and the thrusters took too long.  Tough to cycle through those thrusters!  I was hurting a bit after, but wasn't too bad (about 90% effort is all I could give).

The next tester, I didn't know what my legs had left.  Started rowing and dropped the pace below 1:40 and held it throughout (about 85%).  Quads were limiter here.  Got off the rower and got right to the deadlifts even though wanted to take a few extra breaths.  Focused on bending the knees just at the bottom so I could keep with the leg drive.  

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