Thursday, February 6, 2014

Training: 2/3/2014

AD 8 miles @70%
Time: 22:30

Notes: Completed after having a gatorade.  First 7min were painful on my quads, but then they started loosening up after that.  Stuck around and hit some wrist and calf mobility afterward. 

A. Front Squat: 4 x 3 @20X0, rest 75 sec - use 77%1RM (242.5lbs.)
B. Paused Front Squat: 2 x 1; rest 2 min (242.5,275(f),265)
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point 
C. Snatch RDL: 3 x 6 @3110, rest 105 sec (165,185,195)
3 sets @97%:
5 TnG Power Snatches - tough weight
10 Burpees AFAP
20 sec AD 

rest 6 min
Completed w/ 135, 145, 155lbs. (14,15,17 cals)

Notes: Completed this after my noon class.  Easy to warm up since it was quite warm in the gym.   Front squat felt really heavy today.  Probably because of the extra work that I put in on Saturday.  Accidentally put 275 on the bar for the paused front squat.  Went back down to hit 265 and missed the second sticking point.  Snatch grip RDL felt good.  Focused on driving with the legs.

Moved onto the intervals.  Haven't done any high powered stuff like this in a long time.  Worked up in weight on the TnG power snatches.  They felt good today.  Burpees got faster from set to set.  Was able to hold a good power output on the airdyne.  Not too painful, though the last set hurt a bit.  I think getting exposed to lots of pain during testing leading up to Wodapalooza and the competition itself makes 20sec of pain feel like nothing.  Also, there is not too much localized fatigue so I can deal with the pain a lot better.

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