Thursday, February 27, 2014

Training: 2/26/2014

A. PC & J: 3 TnG EMOM for 5 min - moderate loads (185lbs.)
B. Snatch Grip RDL: 3 x 3 @3010, rest 2 min (235,255,275)
5 min AMRAP @Open pace:
15 cals AD
30 DUs
Result: 4 rounds + 15 Cals + 28 Double Unders
--5 min recovery--
50 Burpees to 6" Reach for time @100%
Time: 2:06

Notes: Felt a little tired this morning, but I knew I had an important workout in front of me.  To potentiate the PC&J's, I built to a tough CnJ (295lbs., 5lb. PR).  Like I said the other day, I was working on coming off the floor using more of my quads.  From there, I stay over the bar while sweeping.  Once I get the torso vertical, its all about finishing with the hips.  There has always been a disconnect with what I do from the hang relative to what I can do from the floor.  There is always lots of separation from my body off the ground.  I think that I am just scratching the surface here and with a little more work, I will be hitting more consistent numbers and I will not be using as much back in high rep lifts.  

Clean and jerks felt EASY.  I think I could have done these for sets of 8 with easy.  The only issue I had was bringing the bar back down for touch and go reps.  Snatch grip deadlift felt good, especially since coming off the floor was easier.  

Airdyne yesterday opened up my inefficiency in technique.  Today, I used that lesson and was able to hold over 400 watts while keeping everything at 90%.  This allowed me to go right into the double unders without issue.  Would have had 5 rounds but I stepped on my rope on the last set sending it flying out of my hands.  Happy with how this felt.

Moved onto the burpees.  Wanted to hit them with the 6" reach since this will most likely be the standard for the open.  Without a time to shoot for, I wanted to see how fast I could legitimately hit 50 reps.  I went fast for the first 16 reps, and then localized fatigue in my chest slowed the pace.  I switched to more efficient movement from there and just kept grinding.  I was breathing pretty heavy after, but wasn't crushed.  30 seconds after finishing I went over to a bar that was sitting out (95lbs.) and hit a few reps....just in case this might be something I see this week.

Overall, very good training session.

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