Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Training: 2/24/2014

AM Training:
30min Z1 Airdyne/Run
30min Mobility

PM Training:
A. Front Squat: 1RM (315lbs. (10lb. PR))
7min AMRAP:
5 Squat Clean Thrusters (155lbs.)
10 Ring Dips
15 C2B Pullups
Result: 4 Rounds + 2 SCT

Notes: Monday's are always a little tough when it comes to energy levels.  I woke up feeling a little tired and hit the gym for a quick Z1 and mobility session.  I figured it would make it easier when I came back for the afternoon training session. 

I hit the afternoon training session at around 2 and I was feeling a little tired.  Either way, I was on a mission to PR my front squat.  I switched up my squatting technique when I was doing wall balls the other day.  If I keep my spine vertical and then drop my hip straight down behind my heal, my torso stays much more vertical, as apposed to pushing my hips back and trying to stay upright by driving the knees out and pulling the chest up.  I noticed 300 felt easy, so I jumped to 315 and hit it with a bit of a struggle at the half way point. Tried 320 but I only had one tough rep in me today.

Tester went well.  My C2B are back after a tweak in technique that emphasized continue the kick into opening the hips.  I probably could have done all sets in 10/5 but I wanted to keep my heart rate down.  SCT felt great.  Ring dips were easy.  May have been able to finish the SCTs is I went 10/5 on the last set of C2B.  Overall happy with the training session, especially since I am coming off a deload.

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