Sunday, February 23, 2014

Training: 2/22/2014

1min Max Calorie Airdyne
S2O (115lbs.)
10 Muscle Ups
Cals/Time: 36cals/6:36

Notes: Had a gym event in the morning so I had to push this to the afternoon.  I was tired and maybe a bit under-fueled.  Took caffeine for the first time in 5 days before my workout.  Since the gym was so warm, it wasn't difficult to get my body loose.  Built up to a heavy power snatch in a few sets just to get my brain into it and assess how I was feeling.  Weights felt heavy, but I hit 195lbs. and moved onto prepping the engine.  I hit a 30 second sprint into shoulder to overhead; I wasn't really feeling it.

Got to work on the airdyne and held over 600 watts for the first 20 seconds, then went to 500 watts for the rest of the 1 minute.  Got off and got right to work.  Legs were a bit wobbly from the airdyne, but I relied on my technique and chipped away.  After the set of 21 T2B (15/6) but lower intestines started rumbling and I would tell that I was just a little off.  Two sets for all movements with about 5 seconds rest between sets.  

Got to the muscle ups and banged out 2 after wiping down my arms.  My arms continued to slip on the straps so I needed to take my time and not fall through.  I am going to need to cover my arms with fabric in the future if I am going to be using the high rings.  Doubles for all the muscle ups.  Annoyed by the muscle ups, as I think I could have done these in 2-3 sets instead of 5.

Felt okay afterward but my calves are smoked from the 120 box jumps from Friday.

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