Sunday, February 23, 2014

Training: 2/21/2014

20min (not for rounds but sustainable)
250m Row
20 Box Jumps (24")
20 Wall Balls
Total: 6 rounds + 175m

Notes: Knew that this was going to suck, even though it wouldn't be all out.  It's tough to keep the intensity low on movements like box jumps and wall balls that are very much rhythm dependent.  Warmed up with mobility and stretching to get my calves and hips ready.  First couple of rounds were okay, but then my back started to seize up on the box jumps.  Noticed that I was not trying to rebound through my entire body, but only my calves.  Once I relaxed and absorbed the "hit" through my legs, it felt much better.  Wall balls were okay.  Split them up to keep fatigue low.  Row was kept at around a 1:57.  20 minutes was rough but the back tightening up was definitely the worst part.  Glad that this is over.

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