Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Training: 2/18/2014

7min Z1 Airdyne
30sec @ 90%/30sec @ 50%

Notes: Warmed up on the airdyne, did some foam rolling, and then got to work.  Quads were sore from yesterday's workout.  Knew I couldn't go too hard out the gate on this because it would be too painful.  First 10 sets held around a 370 avg. wattage.  I brought it up to 390 for the next ten sets.  I finished off the last ten sets holding just over 400 watts each set.  Felt good afterward.

***I am starting to throw in a scap routine before and after my workouts (activation and recovery).  Also, I am deloading from caffeine during my training until the end of the week.  Want to have the full effect when the open comes around.  

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