Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Training: 2/17/2014

A. Front Squat: 3 x 3,3,2 @20X1, rest 2-3 min - 85%RM - explode up (267.5)
B. Paused Front Squat: - build to a max of this in few attempts. (270, 280(f))
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point
C. Snatch RDL: 3 x 2-3 @3110, rest 105 sec (245,265,275)
AMRAP in 8 min @Open pace:
8 Deadlifts 225lbs
10 HR Pushups
12 Wallballs 20lb
Results: 6 rounds  + 8 Deadlift + 10 HR Pushups + 7 Wall Balls

Notes: Feeling tired today.  I think I am still catching up on sleep that I lost this weekend.  Front squats felt really heavy and my hip flexors were sore (perhaps from airdyne on Saturday).  The 3 sets at 267.5 were a struggle.  Moved to the paused squats and those were much easier.  Hit 270 and then tried for a PR, but it wasn't there.  Rdl's felt good.  Held nice position and worked on push off the ground properly.  

Did one set of lighter weight to warm up for the tester.  I knew the score on this one: keep breathing and keep moving.  The breathing part is what I focused on.  Forcing the breath through all he movements.  I have been working on my high rep deadlift technique and it's definitely feeling better.  Have to be able to pick up the speed now on the new deadlifts.  All movemens unbroken, and very little rest between movements. 

Should have dropped the hammer a little earlier because I had some more left in me at the end.  Overall happy with how this workout felt.   

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