Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Training: 1/31/2014

A1. Push Press: 3 x 3-4; rest 30 sec (215,230,240)
A2. Ring Dips: 3 x 12; rest 30 sec - wtd if needed (15x3)
A3. HR Pushups: 3 x 40 for time; rest 4 min (2:03, 1:40, 1:33)
KB Snatch L 53lbs
KB Snatch R 53lbs

20min HICT Row

Notes: I didn't know I would be doing UB back to back days, so I proceeded with caution.  Noticed right away my hands were sore, but because the gym was hot a humid today, my shoulders warmed up a lot faster than in previous workouts.  Shoulders weren't feeling too bad, but my triceps were a bit smoked.  Need to drive with my legs longer on the push press. I tend to extend from my lower back to gain extra power.  Legs and hips only! Ring dips felt good, but the lock out at the top is tough under load.  HR pushups felt good.  Wrist flexibility makes it easier to keep the shoulder in a good position.  Changed my strategy from set to set.  Found that sets of 10 worked the best and giving the eccentric with more speed prevented the triceps from fatiguing as quickly.

Attempted the tester, but after the first round of pullups, I couldn't grip the pullup bar or KBs anymore.  My hands are just sore from all the work the day before, so I stopped before I ripped or hurt myself.  I fit in the HICT row and found an interesting feature to improve my stroke: keeping the tension on the chain more consistent.  I usually feel that after about 1/2 through the stroke the tension is less.  When there is more tension on the chain, the number drops dramatically.  I think this has something to do with driving with the legs longer.

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