Thursday, February 27, 2014

Training: 2/26/2014

A. PC & J: 3 TnG EMOM for 5 min - moderate loads (185lbs.)
B. Snatch Grip RDL: 3 x 3 @3010, rest 2 min (235,255,275)
5 min AMRAP @Open pace:
15 cals AD
30 DUs
Result: 4 rounds + 15 Cals + 28 Double Unders
--5 min recovery--
50 Burpees to 6" Reach for time @100%
Time: 2:06

Notes: Felt a little tired this morning, but I knew I had an important workout in front of me.  To potentiate the PC&J's, I built to a tough CnJ (295lbs., 5lb. PR).  Like I said the other day, I was working on coming off the floor using more of my quads.  From there, I stay over the bar while sweeping.  Once I get the torso vertical, its all about finishing with the hips.  There has always been a disconnect with what I do from the hang relative to what I can do from the floor.  There is always lots of separation from my body off the ground.  I think that I am just scratching the surface here and with a little more work, I will be hitting more consistent numbers and I will not be using as much back in high rep lifts.  

Clean and jerks felt EASY.  I think I could have done these for sets of 8 with easy.  The only issue I had was bringing the bar back down for touch and go reps.  Snatch grip deadlift felt good, especially since coming off the floor was easier.  

Airdyne yesterday opened up my inefficiency in technique.  Today, I used that lesson and was able to hold over 400 watts while keeping everything at 90%.  This allowed me to go right into the double unders without issue.  Would have had 5 rounds but I stepped on my rope on the last set sending it flying out of my hands.  Happy with how this felt.

Moved onto the burpees.  Wanted to hit them with the 6" reach since this will most likely be the standard for the open.  Without a time to shoot for, I wanted to see how fast I could legitimately hit 50 reps.  I went fast for the first 16 reps, and then localized fatigue in my chest slowed the pace.  I switched to more efficient movement from there and just kept grinding.  I was breathing pretty heavy after, but wasn't crushed.  30 seconds after finishing I went over to a bar that was sitting out (95lbs.) and hit a few reps....just in case this might be something I see this week.

Overall, very good training session.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Training: 2/25/2014

30sec @ 90%
30sec @ 50%
-rest 3min
Held over 400watts for first set, and over 424 watts for second set.

Notes: I was feeling much better today than yesterday.  Legs and moral felt good.  Noticed that I wasn't driving through on the downstroke completely.  Once I started focusing on this, the wattage shot up easily.  Felt good to be able to hold this kind of wattage.  

Hit some scap work and mobility after cooling down.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Training: 2/24/2014

AM Training:
30min Z1 Airdyne/Run
30min Mobility

PM Training:
A. Front Squat: 1RM (315lbs. (10lb. PR))
7min AMRAP:
5 Squat Clean Thrusters (155lbs.)
10 Ring Dips
15 C2B Pullups
Result: 4 Rounds + 2 SCT

Notes: Monday's are always a little tough when it comes to energy levels.  I woke up feeling a little tired and hit the gym for a quick Z1 and mobility session.  I figured it would make it easier when I came back for the afternoon training session. 

I hit the afternoon training session at around 2 and I was feeling a little tired.  Either way, I was on a mission to PR my front squat.  I switched up my squatting technique when I was doing wall balls the other day.  If I keep my spine vertical and then drop my hip straight down behind my heal, my torso stays much more vertical, as apposed to pushing my hips back and trying to stay upright by driving the knees out and pulling the chest up.  I noticed 300 felt easy, so I jumped to 315 and hit it with a bit of a struggle at the half way point. Tried 320 but I only had one tough rep in me today.

Tester went well.  My C2B are back after a tweak in technique that emphasized continue the kick into opening the hips.  I probably could have done all sets in 10/5 but I wanted to keep my heart rate down.  SCT felt great.  Ring dips were easy.  May have been able to finish the SCTs is I went 10/5 on the last set of C2B.  Overall happy with the training session, especially since I am coming off a deload.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Training: 2/23/2014

Notes: Had a tough time sleeping last night (maybe caffeine intake?). Getting some work done and relaxing today.

Training: 2/22/2014

1min Max Calorie Airdyne
S2O (115lbs.)
10 Muscle Ups
Cals/Time: 36cals/6:36

Notes: Had a gym event in the morning so I had to push this to the afternoon.  I was tired and maybe a bit under-fueled.  Took caffeine for the first time in 5 days before my workout.  Since the gym was so warm, it wasn't difficult to get my body loose.  Built up to a heavy power snatch in a few sets just to get my brain into it and assess how I was feeling.  Weights felt heavy, but I hit 195lbs. and moved onto prepping the engine.  I hit a 30 second sprint into shoulder to overhead; I wasn't really feeling it.

Got to work on the airdyne and held over 600 watts for the first 20 seconds, then went to 500 watts for the rest of the 1 minute.  Got off and got right to work.  Legs were a bit wobbly from the airdyne, but I relied on my technique and chipped away.  After the set of 21 T2B (15/6) but lower intestines started rumbling and I would tell that I was just a little off.  Two sets for all movements with about 5 seconds rest between sets.  

Got to the muscle ups and banged out 2 after wiping down my arms.  My arms continued to slip on the straps so I needed to take my time and not fall through.  I am going to need to cover my arms with fabric in the future if I am going to be using the high rings.  Doubles for all the muscle ups.  Annoyed by the muscle ups, as I think I could have done these in 2-3 sets instead of 5.

Felt okay afterward but my calves are smoked from the 120 box jumps from Friday.

Training: 2/21/2014

20min (not for rounds but sustainable)
250m Row
20 Box Jumps (24")
20 Wall Balls
Total: 6 rounds + 175m

Notes: Knew that this was going to suck, even though it wouldn't be all out.  It's tough to keep the intensity low on movements like box jumps and wall balls that are very much rhythm dependent.  Warmed up with mobility and stretching to get my calves and hips ready.  First couple of rounds were okay, but then my back started to seize up on the box jumps.  Noticed that I was not trying to rebound through my entire body, but only my calves.  Once I relaxed and absorbed the "hit" through my legs, it felt much better.  Wall balls were okay.  Split them up to keep fatigue low.  Row was kept at around a 1:57.  20 minutes was rough but the back tightening up was definitely the worst part.  Glad that this is over.

Rest Day: 2/20/2014

Notes: Itching to lift something heavy.  Third day with no caffeine.  Pretty sleepy, but bowel movements are solid again.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Training: 2/19/2014

A. Snatch: Build to 3RM in a few attempts (195, 205(1+f))
Power Cleans (115lbs.)
Time: 2:33

Notes: This is the second day without caffeine.  I was feeling tired today, but my body was feeling good.  Warmed up my calves and did my scap routine warm-up before getting to snatches.  Snatches have been feeling good, but haven't lifted heavy in over a weak.  Hit 165, then 185, and 195 without misses.  Went for 205, hit the first but then I was soft on the catch on the second attempt and missed it.  Wanted 205 but my shoulders were just tired today.  Pulls felt good.

Moved on to the tester.  Did 10 power cleans and 5 burpees AFAP to warm-up, rested 4 minutes, then hit it.  All movements were unbroken but I slowed on the burpees during the round of 12 and I think that cost me some time.  Overall very happy I was able to push the pace and get back on the bar each time.  Was able to recover shortly afterward.

Training: 2/18/2014

7min Z1 Airdyne
30sec @ 90%/30sec @ 50%

Notes: Warmed up on the airdyne, did some foam rolling, and then got to work.  Quads were sore from yesterday's workout.  Knew I couldn't go too hard out the gate on this because it would be too painful.  First 10 sets held around a 370 avg. wattage.  I brought it up to 390 for the next ten sets.  I finished off the last ten sets holding just over 400 watts each set.  Felt good afterward.

***I am starting to throw in a scap routine before and after my workouts (activation and recovery).  Also, I am deloading from caffeine during my training until the end of the week.  Want to have the full effect when the open comes around.  

Training: 2/17/2014

A. Front Squat: 3 x 3,3,2 @20X1, rest 2-3 min - 85%RM - explode up (267.5)
B. Paused Front Squat: - build to a max of this in few attempts. (270, 280(f))
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point
C. Snatch RDL: 3 x 2-3 @3110, rest 105 sec (245,265,275)
AMRAP in 8 min @Open pace:
8 Deadlifts 225lbs
10 HR Pushups
12 Wallballs 20lb
Results: 6 rounds  + 8 Deadlift + 10 HR Pushups + 7 Wall Balls

Notes: Feeling tired today.  I think I am still catching up on sleep that I lost this weekend.  Front squats felt really heavy and my hip flexors were sore (perhaps from airdyne on Saturday).  The 3 sets at 267.5 were a struggle.  Moved to the paused squats and those were much easier.  Hit 270 and then tried for a PR, but it wasn't there.  Rdl's felt good.  Held nice position and worked on push off the ground properly.  

Did one set of lighter weight to warm up for the tester.  I knew the score on this one: keep breathing and keep moving.  The breathing part is what I focused on.  Forcing the breath through all he movements.  I have been working on my high rep deadlift technique and it's definitely feeling better.  Have to be able to pick up the speed now on the new deadlifts.  All movemens unbroken, and very little rest between movements. 

Should have dropped the hammer a little earlier because I had some more left in me at the end.  Overall happy with how this workout felt.   

Rest Day: 2/16/2014

Notes: Worked a party Saturday evening into Sunday morning.  Going to need some extra sleep over the next few days.  

Training: 2/15/2014

7min Z1
30sec @ 90%/30sec @ 50% x 8sets
-rest 2min
30sec @ 90%/30sec @ 50% x 8sets
-rest 2min
30sec @ 90%/30sec @ 50% x 8sets

Notes: Got up Saturday morning and hit this.  Warmed up with some airdyne and running and then got to the intervals.  Airdyne was pretty rough because of my quads being smoked from the testers yesterday.  Rowing burned pretty good too, but when I got back for my second set of Airdyne, my legs were finally getting warm.  

Held just about 400 watts on the airdyne, and a 1:34 pace on the rower.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Training: 2/14/2014

For time @100%:
Row 250m
15 KBS 70lb
25 Burpees
15 KBS 70lb
Row 250m
Time: 3:52
--12 min recovery--
3 rounds for time @95%:
100 DUs
25 cal AD
Time: 7:12

Notes: Warmed up with a heavy deadlift to potentiate the interval built up to 435 fairly quickly and called it there.  Felt good.  Warmed up for the tester by hitting row into burpees.  About a 45sec hard interval twice through, then got to work.  I was worried about the KB swings, but they felt fine.  Burpees were rhythmic, no too fast but not slow.  Back to the KB swings and finished them no problem.  Tried to push hard on the row at the end.  My forearms were burning pretty good at the end.  Overall, I think the speed on the rower was the biggest limiter.  I was holding just over a 1:30 and this is just too slow for something like this.

Underestimated the second tester.  Thought this would be shorter than 4min (like the first tester).  Boy was I wrong.  Went out way too hot and paid for it.  Lesson learned.  Double unders were a bit sloppy and may need some touches there.  Airdyne sucked and really burned my quads.

Rest Day: 2/13/2014

Notes: Sore and beaten down....

Friday, February 14, 2014

Training: 2/12/2014

A. Front Squat: 5 x 3 @20X1, rest 2-3 min - 85%RM - explode up (267.5lbs.)
For reps:
2 min amrap Power Cleans @60%1RM (167lbs.) (23)
2 min rest
2 min amrap Power Cleans @70%1RM (195lbs.) (15)
2 min rest
2 min amrap Power Cleans @80%1RM (225lbs.) (10)
2 min rest

2 min amrap Power Cleans @90%1RM (255lbs.) (6)

Notes: Was not feeling it going into training today.  I am just feeling tired.  Body feels good, and once I warm up, I am there, but this last two weeks has been a grind.  Got a good warm-up for the front squats, ankles and hips felt good.  First set was tough, but then I got into it.  Last set I added a couple of reps because it felt good. 

Moved onto the power cleans and they felt pretty good.  Pull felt good though I was getting into my toes a bit.  Did singles for all sets and just tried to get back on the bar as quickly as possible. Overall I liked how they felt and I didn't miss any reps.  Back started to lock up during the 195s and I didn't have time between sets to roll out.  Went back down in weight afterward to get the pull back so I didn't engrain an sloppy habits.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Training: 2/11/2014

A. Push Press: 5 x 6,6,4,4,2; rest 3 min (225,237.5,245,260(2),265)
B. HSPU: 75 for time. (first 25 deficit, next 25 strict no deficit, last 25 kipping no deficit) (11:49)
5 rounds @85%:
Row 250m
10 T2B
Time: 7:12

Notes: Wasn't feeling great when I got up this morning.  Didn't know if I was going to train but after I ate and showered I was feeling better.  It's a tough gaming guessing whether or not this workout will cause you to tip over, or this might be the workout that will make the difference and you break through.  The gambler in mean seems to win more times than not, but I have been getting better and knowing when to back off.  I defaulted to my HHH standard (happy,hungry, horny when waking up).

Made sure to get a good shoulder warm-up in before hitting the push presses.  I wasn't expecting much going into them, but the weight just kept going up.  Got a little overzealous on the second 4 and bit off more than I could chew.  Came back with a nice PR double after though.  

Moved onto the HSPU.  Kip felt good today, but it seems my triceps and shoulders weren't cooperating.  The volume recently has left them really fatigued.  I was happy that I was able to keep churning away at them though.  Moved to the strict after 3:50 for the 25 kipping (12" depth).  The strict sucked.  It isolated the hardest part of the movement and there was no getting around it.  Chipped away with singles and doubles, try to stay true to form.  By the end my brain was melting and I finished the last 25 with sets of 3s and 5s.  Happy that it was over.

Moved onto the conditioning work.  Goal here was to keep a steady pace on the row and quickly transition to the toes to bar without wasting too much time.  All T2B unbroken without much of an issue.  Row times held steady after the first set, hit a 1:52 pace.  Arms were tired after, but I was feeling pretty good.

Training: 2/10/2014

Row 8000m @70%
Time: 24:35

Notes: This was horrible and terrible all rolled into one.  I couldn't stand being on the rower and it felt very stressful.  I hope to never have to do this first thing on Monday morning ever again.  Hit some mobility after to get ready for the PM session. 

A. Front Squat: 2 x 6 @20X1, rest 90 sec - 65%RM - explode up (205lbs.)
B. Paused Front Squat: 2 x 1; rest 2 min (235,265)
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point - build heavier as able here
C. Snatch RDL: 3 x 2-3 @3110, rest 105 sec (215,235,265)
2 rounds:
AMRAP in 3 min @100%:
8 Power Clean to OH 95lbs
8 Burpees
1. 3 rounds + 8 G2O + 3 Burpees
2. 3 roudsn + 8 G2O + 4 Burpees
--12 min rest b/t rounds--

Notes: Tired all day after the AM row.  Sucked it up and warmed up for squatting.  Ankles and hips felt good but my shoulders were still on fire from the work on Saturday.  Front squats felt heavy building up, but I was able to handle the work sets.  Only had two singles on the paused squats, so I made them count and focused on coming up with perfect position.  Went fairly heavy on the RDL as those felt good.

Moved onto the tester.  Tried to push here as fast as I could.  Burpee pace was the limiter as my quads fatigued and I wasn't able to cycle them quickly.  Clean and jerks felt good.  Overall localized fatigue was probably the limiter.  Happy with the consistency from set to set.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rest Day: 2/9/2014

Notes: Birthday today.  28 years down. 100 to go......

Training: 2/8/2014

AM Training:
A. Snatch: 20 singles @80-90%, rest as needed (185-205)
B. OHS: 4 x 3,2,2,1; rest 2 min (235x2, DNF)

Notes: Got to the gym this morning and was feeling pretty good.  Knew that I would be getting in a lot of work so I wasn't planning on going really heavy.  Built up feeling good but the bar was a little forward (wasn't letting the knees get back).  After hitting a few at 185 I bumped up.  My misses were a combination of not being able to lock my arms out (tired shoulders) and not moving the bar into the correct position.  By the last set I could barely hold 185 over my head.  Moved onto the OHS, and I knew it wasn't there.  Right shoulder was smoked.  Called it there and went home to rest and eat before my next training session.

PM Training:
A. Muscle Ups: 2 x 12 reps for time; rest 3 min
B1. Deficit HSPU (off block): 4 x amrap; rest 2 min
B2. C2B: 4 x 20 for time, rest 2 min

Notes: Shoulders and triceps were smoked going into this one.  Biceps tendons on both sides were tender to the touch.  Did the first set of muscle ups unbroken, and then broke the second set into 10,1,1.  Triceps weren't letting my catch through the rings.  Also, I was a bit tenative on my kip because I wrecked my lower back the other day letting my hips unhinge too much.  HSPU off the blocks felt okay.  Not hinging my hip like I should be, preventing explosive hip extension.  C2B felt terrible, but I had a nice breakthrough with them afterward.  It seems that I am not opening my hips on the kip, just throwing the legs.  This is sapping a lot of height I should be getting and overtaxing my arms and elbows.  Need to work on this.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Training: 2/7/2014

30 Thrusters (95lbs.) (:55sec)
Row 500m (1:41.2)
Time: 2:44
-rest 15min
500m Row (1:38.2)
20 Deadlifts (185lbs.)
Time: 2:18

Notes: I was feeling tired today.  Did this workout in morning as well.  Legs were just dead.  Warmed up the CNS with a heavy press, then did some thrusters and some rowing to get my engine ready.  Goal was to go under 2:40 for the first tester. 30 thrusters went pretty smooth and I breathed throughout.  Last ten reps burned the quads and shoulders and took 55 seconds.  Got on the rower and dropped the pace to 1:40.  This felt okay, but I couldn't hit my next gear.  I think the limiter in my time was the last push on the rower, and the thrusters took too long.  Tough to cycle through those thrusters!  I was hurting a bit after, but wasn't too bad (about 90% effort is all I could give).

The next tester, I didn't know what my legs had left.  Started rowing and dropped the pace below 1:40 and held it throughout (about 85%).  Quads were limiter here.  Got off the rower and got right to the deadlifts even though wanted to take a few extra breaths.  Focused on bending the knees just at the bottom so I could keep with the leg drive.  

Rest Day: 2/6/2014

Notes: Beat down from yesterday, but happy with how yesterday went.

Training: 2/5/2014

A. Front Squat: 4 x 6 @20X1, rest 90 sec - 65%RM - explode up
B. Paused Front Squat: 3 x 1; rest 2 min
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point - build heavier as able here
C. Power Clean clusters: 5 x; rest 20 sec/3 min - try to increase from last week
3 sets @97%:
10 Thrusters @115lbs
AD Sprint 40 sec

rest 4 min b/t sets

Notes: Felt a bit tired going into this workout.  Since I could only train once today, I pushed this workout to after my noon class to give my self a little more time to get ready.  Front squats felt good today.  I focused on staying tighter with my legs at the bottom position and not being so relaxed.  Speed was good.  Hit some solid weights today in the pause, heavier than ever before and they felt strong.  Need to drive the hips under my body, instead of shooting my butt back.

I was excited to see how the power cleans would feel.  Warming up and I could feel I was still a bit tired, but my pull was feeling good.  Started with 225 and worked my way up from there.  Hit 255 for my third set and was happy with that but Jason pushed me to go up.  Hit 260 for 5, then went for 265 for the last set.  Reps felt good.  Last set I really focused on keeping the arms relaxed and this allowed my to get the elbows around.  If I could be critical I would try and extend through my back half a little longer.  

Last were the lactate intervals.  Thrusters felt good and I was pushing pretty hard on the airdyne.  No really localized fatigue on the airdyne.  Not nearly as bad as the rower!

Overall I was pretty tired after the workout, but satisfied with how everything felt.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Training 2/4/2014

A. CG Bench Press: 3 x 3; rest 2 min (235,255,265)
B. Bar MUs: amrap in 90 sec (18)
C1. Deficit HSPU (off block): 2 x amrap; rest 2 min (6,10)
C2. Prone DB Rows: 2 x 4-6 @30X0, rest 1 min b/t arms & 2 min after
*3 sets of:
amrap unbroken Ring MUs, then (10,10,10)
3 rounds @85%:
40 DUs
15 Box Jumps 20" 
200m Run

rest 3 min b/t sets

*(it's an unbroken set of MUs, then right into 3 x DU,BxJ, Run. rest 3 min once those 3 mini-rounds are done. Back to MUs, then 3 x …etc)

Notes: Couldn't get the shoulder warm today.  Pecs/front delts were really tight.  Bench press felt okay.  Right shoulder got a bit internally rotated and I felt some pain in my biceps tendon.  Nothing serious, but I know I let my form slip.  Moved onto the bar muscle ups.  I don't know if it's just overall fatigue, or that my form has gotten sloppy, but my transition over the bar has not been good.  I don't think I am getting my chest high enough.  

Deficit HSPU pushup continue to feel better though I definitely feel a disconnect between the kip and the lock out.  Need to feel the upper back working more, instead of the front delt.  This could be due to tightness in the shoulders.  All good on the DB rows.

God the last 3 interval were terrible.  Lots of turnover, high heart rate, and leg burn.  It just sucked.  Doesn't help that the heat and humidity is really elevated right now.  Muscle ups felt good and I was able to do 10 each set without much trouble.  The only reason I dropped down is because I was concerned with slipping through the rings and my heart rate was getting too high, and I didn't want to spill over.  ***Just re-read this and it seems I did this on a 24" box instead of 20". No wonder this sucked worse that I anticipated.

Training: 2/3/2014

AD 8 miles @70%
Time: 22:30

Notes: Completed after having a gatorade.  First 7min were painful on my quads, but then they started loosening up after that.  Stuck around and hit some wrist and calf mobility afterward. 

A. Front Squat: 4 x 3 @20X0, rest 75 sec - use 77%1RM (242.5lbs.)
B. Paused Front Squat: 2 x 1; rest 2 min (242.5,275(f),265)
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point 
C. Snatch RDL: 3 x 6 @3110, rest 105 sec (165,185,195)
3 sets @97%:
5 TnG Power Snatches - tough weight
10 Burpees AFAP
20 sec AD 

rest 6 min
Completed w/ 135, 145, 155lbs. (14,15,17 cals)

Notes: Completed this after my noon class.  Easy to warm up since it was quite warm in the gym.   Front squat felt really heavy today.  Probably because of the extra work that I put in on Saturday.  Accidentally put 275 on the bar for the paused front squat.  Went back down to hit 265 and missed the second sticking point.  Snatch grip RDL felt good.  Focused on driving with the legs.

Moved onto the intervals.  Haven't done any high powered stuff like this in a long time.  Worked up in weight on the TnG power snatches.  They felt good today.  Burpees got faster from set to set.  Was able to hold a good power output on the airdyne.  Not too painful, though the last set hurt a bit.  I think getting exposed to lots of pain during testing leading up to Wodapalooza and the competition itself makes 20sec of pain feel like nothing.  Also, there is not too much localized fatigue so I can deal with the pain a lot better.

Rest Day: 2/2/2014

Notes: Worked on some cleans last night.  My pull is back.  Need to drive with the legs longer and finish with the hips!  Feeling much more confident now!

Training: 2/1/2014

A. Squat Clean: 1 rep every 60 sec for 10 reps, 225lbs+ (235-285(f))
B1. Deadlift: 4 x 10 TnG; rest 20 sec (255,285,355(7)) 
B2. KB Swings: 4 x 20 unbroken; rest 3 min (70lbs. x 3)
3 rounds:
12 steps BB Front Rack Lunges - add per set (135,155,155)

12 DB Back Extensions @2012 (40lbs.)

Notes: Form was crap today.  I was bumping the bar way out causing me to hop back and screwed up the catch position.  Really frustrating.  Can't figure out what is going on with my pull.  I will try to set something up with my lifting coach.  This weekend. 

I tried to take my frustration out on the deadlifts.  Built to 285, then accidentally went 355lbs. on what I thought was my final set.  Need to flex my knees more.  I am taking away a lot of leg drive from not lowering the bar properly.  KB swings are feeling better.  All good on lunges and lunges.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Training: 1/31/2014

A1. Push Press: 3 x 3-4; rest 30 sec (215,230,240)
A2. Ring Dips: 3 x 12; rest 30 sec - wtd if needed (15x3)
A3. HR Pushups: 3 x 40 for time; rest 4 min (2:03, 1:40, 1:33)
KB Snatch L 53lbs
KB Snatch R 53lbs

20min HICT Row

Notes: I didn't know I would be doing UB back to back days, so I proceeded with caution.  Noticed right away my hands were sore, but because the gym was hot a humid today, my shoulders warmed up a lot faster than in previous workouts.  Shoulders weren't feeling too bad, but my triceps were a bit smoked.  Need to drive with my legs longer on the push press. I tend to extend from my lower back to gain extra power.  Legs and hips only! Ring dips felt good, but the lock out at the top is tough under load.  HR pushups felt good.  Wrist flexibility makes it easier to keep the shoulder in a good position.  Changed my strategy from set to set.  Found that sets of 10 worked the best and giving the eccentric with more speed prevented the triceps from fatiguing as quickly.

Attempted the tester, but after the first round of pullups, I couldn't grip the pullup bar or KBs anymore.  My hands are just sore from all the work the day before, so I stopped before I ripped or hurt myself.  I fit in the HICT row and found an interesting feature to improve my stroke: keeping the tension on the chain more consistent.  I usually feel that after about 1/2 through the stroke the tension is less.  When there is more tension on the chain, the number drops dramatically.  I think this has something to do with driving with the legs longer.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Training: 1/30/2014

A. Bar MUs: amrap in 90 sec (13)
B1. Deficit HSPU (off block): 5 x amrap(-2); rest 2 min (4,6,6,7,6) (12")
B2. Prone DB Rows: 5 x 8,6,4,4,10 @30X0, rest 1 min b/t arms & 2 min after (44,50,60,68,44)
C. Bar MUs: amrap in 90 sec (18)
HR Pushups
Time: 3:37
20 min HICT Row - damper 10, low SR, ~155bpm

Notes: Switched the last two days around because of jury duty.  Had a tough time getting my shoulders warm for today's workout.  Also haven't seen my chiro this week because I had to reschedule.  First set of bar muscle ups sucked.  I think I was afraid of hitting my head on the wall behind me so I wasn't getting far enough behind the bar.  Warmed up the wrists and hit the deficit HSPU.  They are feeling good, but I have to remember to set my hands straighter and drive through the heal of my hand.  DB rows felt good, focused on staying in a solid position.  Second set of bar muscle ups felt much better.  I was getting behind the bar much better and was able to use my hips.  

Tester was terrible.  My left forearm flared up and my arms/lats were smoked from the bar muscle ups.  Was reduced to hitting singles on the C2B.  Didn't quit though and tried to push the pace as best as I could.  Skipped the row due to time constraints.  Will make up tomorrow.

Training: 1/29/2014

A. Front Squat: 7 x 3 @20X1, rest 90 sec - 77%RM (complete w/ 242.5)
B. Paused Front Squat: 3 x 1; rest 2 min (242.5, 250, 260)
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point
C. Power Clean clusters: 5 x; rest 20 sec/3 min (225,235,235,245,255(3))

Notes: Front squats felt good today.  Left hip wasn't bothering me too much.  By the third set, I was moving the bar much smoother.  Need to be more consistent in my bar speed and drive through to the top.  Moved on to the paused from squats.  Hit the starting weight pretty easily, so jumped up to 250.  That was rough.  Made one more jump and it was an absolute battle to try and hold the positions isometrically for 3 seconds each.  I hope to see some jumps in the clean from this work!

Moved onto the power cleans and my struggles with the olympic lifts continued.  I was trying to just move the bar today, but I kept bumping the bar out.  I know something is off when my lower back is starting to flare up.  And it's not because of the catch, but because I am finishing the second pull with my lower back and hyperextending.  Need to continue to drive with the legs, sit the hips, and then extend up.  I am going to take a step away from messing with the barbell for a couple of days to clear my head.

20 min Ocean Swim - recovery/skill based (did not complete)

Rest Day: 1/28/2014

Notes: Jury duty all day today.  Had to push my training back a day.  Back was killing me all day sitting on those hard wooden pews.