Saturday, January 11, 2014

Training: 1/6/2013

AM Training:
AD 45 min @Z1 - 10m HSW + quick mobility drill *every 5 min (complete)

*your choice

A. Split Jerk: build to a heavy single, tech focus unless feeling it (320lbs.-5lb. PR)
B. Back Squat: 4 x 2 (315lbs.) @85%1RM, rest 3 min (315x4 (5 on last set)
For time:
21 OHS 95lbs
42 Pullups
15 OHS
30 Pullups

18 Pullups
Time: 5:26

Notes: Got up this morning and had a bad taste in the back of my throat. Got to the gym and hit the Z1 work.  Felt a little lethargic afterward.

Hit the next part after class.  Didn't have great energy, but I figured it was because it was Monday.  Warmed up and worked from the blocks on the jerk.  Worked up up to 320, which was a PB, and then went back down and worked some technical stuff as I was catching the bar out front.  Figured out that I need to relax the front delt and pull the bar back.  Helps when my shoulders and lats are good and warm.  

Moved onto the back squats, and the weight building up felt heavy.  Also noticed that my left hip was tight and out of alignment.  First set felt very heavy, but as I got warmer, the weight felt lighter.  

Tester went farely well. Kept to smaller sets on the pullups to keep the heart rate down and to keep moving.  All overhead squats were unbroken.  Breathing felt good here, though I really couldn't push the pace at the end.  Felt okay after and was able to recovery quickly.

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