Monday, January 6, 2014

Training: 1/4/2013

A. Push Press: 3 x 3; rest 3 min (215,245,250)
B. EMOM for 15 min:
min 1 - 4 Deadlifts 315lbs
min 2 - 4 pHSPU
min 3 - 4 MUs
Complete.  All Unbroken
C1. S2O @135lbs: 2 x 20 reps for time, rest 2 min (:28,:26)

C2. T2B: 2 x 30 reps for time; rest 2 min (:38,:48)

Notes: Pushed this workout into the afternoon since I had a lifting lesson with my olympic lifting coach Don Mcauley.  We worked for an hour on the snatch and then the jerk.  I was feeling much confident with the lifts afterward conceptually, and I now have some things I can work on on my own.

My shoulders were pretty tired from all the work the day before, so I didn't go too crazy on the push press.  Was able to hit a solid set at 250, then moved onto the EMOMs.

My hands were sore from all the bar work in the last 48 hours, so that was a concern for me.  Haven't deadlifted in quite some time either.  Built up quickly to the working weight, and didn't have much of an issue through the 5 sets.  pHSPU felt better than they ever have.  I was allowing my hips to open and carry the momentum into the rest of the movement.  Having the shoulders opened up didn't hurt either.  Muscle ups were easy.

Moved onto the S2O and T2B.  S2O were unbroken and easy.  T2B were broken at rep 25 on the first set, and rep 20 on the second set.  Grip and abs were the limiter there.  Need to remember to breath during these sets in order to reduce rest time.

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