Saturday, January 4, 2014

Training: 12/31/2013

AM Training:
7 sets:
1000m Row @ 75%
rest 90sec
Notes: Skipped this because I was moving in the morning and didn't want to burn myself out.

PM Training:
4 rounds:
4-6 Bench Presses (205,210,215,220)
rest 20 sec
12 Ring Dips (wtd if able) (10lbs. x4sets)
rest 20 sec
20-25 unbroken Push Presses (95lbs. x 4sets unbroken)
rest 3 min
C2B: 15 x 5 unbroken for time
Time: 4:19

Notes: Felt good in this workout.  Bench press felt much better than the last time I did it and my shoulders didn't hurt after.  Dips were much harder after bench press than they were after the shoudler press last week.  I guess I use a lot more chest in the bench press (obviously).  Used 95lbs. for all sets of push press. Happy to go unbroken on all sets and this is a definite confidence booster.  

Did 5:56 so 5 fewer sets 90sec faster than 20x5 I did in November.  I am having a hard time getting tension through my shoulders in the bottom of the butterfly.  Need to work on that a little.  

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