Saturday, January 4, 2014

Training: 12/30/2013

A. Snatch: 1 rep every 90 sec for 8 reps, wave load. (185,195,205,210,215(m),215, 220, 205, 205)
B. OHS: 3 x 7-10; rest 3 min - only last set tough (115,165,205)
C. Back Squat: 5 x 3 @80%1RM, rest 3 min (300lbs.)
D. "Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only (95)
--10 min rest once complete, AD at easy pace--
"Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only (105)

Notes: Worked out after my noon class today but man was I sore from Saturday's long workout.  Calves, shoulders, and quads mostly.  Knowing that I was that sore, I was cautious during today's workout and didn't want to force anything.  Warming up for snatches the bar felt very heavy off the floor.  Technique felt pretty good and I didn't have any misses building up to 215lbs.. Missed 215 and then came back and made it.  Lower body mobility felt good.  Still need some work on my pull with the snatch.  Just doesn't feel strong.  

Moved on to the OHS.  These felt much better than the last time I did them.  Ankles were really warm and my shoulders were feeling much looser.  Hit 205 which I was happy with.  Wrists killed after the last set.  

Back squats felt great today.  Mobility has improved to the point I can really take advantage of the stretch reflex out of the bottom.  I feel I stay in much better position as well.  Last set was easy so I went for an extra two reps.

Did the first set of ox squats with 95 and the second with 105.  Need to focus on breathing throughout on these as it will translate into workouts.  

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