Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Training: 1/22/2014

A. Front Squat: 8 x 3 @20X0, rest 75 sec - use 70%1RM (220lbs.)
B. Paused Front Squat: 3 x 1; rest 2 min (220,225,230lbs.)
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point - start @ same weight as A.
C1. Deficit HSPU (off block): 4 x amrap(-2); rest 2 min (4,6,6,6)
C2. 3 Point DB RowsProne DB Rows: 4 x 10,8,6,10 @30X0, rest 1 min b/t arms & 2 min after (35,40,50,40)
15 min HICT Row - damper 10, low SR, ~155bpm (completed 10min, had to teach class)

Notes: Today was my first day back in the gym since Wodapalooza.  Felt good waking up this morning, but I am on an anti-viral medication because of cold sores, so that makes me a little drowsy.  Felt very good once I warmed up, and weights didn't feel all that heavy.  Lower back is still a little fatigued from the weekend, but legs felt good.  Front squats were challenging, but fast.  Paused front squats were also challenging.  Big mental battle being able to hold that isometric contraction at the sticking points.  I think with my ankles a little more loose, those will feel better.

Before the workout, I smashed the lateral part of my forearm, as there was a tight muscle on both sides.  Then I did some PNF with distraction and my wrists had better mobility.  When doing the HSPU, I was more sturdy in the bottom position of my kip.  These felt A LOT better than Sunday.  I need to stick with this.  I really don't get a stimulus in my back with 3 point rows, so I switched these to prone rows.  My back was lighting up!

Ran out of time toward the end of my workout so only did 10minutes of HICT.  Overall felt very good with today's workout.  

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