Saturday, January 4, 2014

Training: 1/2/2014

5 min AMRAP @85%:
5 C2B
5 Wallballs
100m Run
Result: 5 rounds + 1 C2B
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:
3 MU
5 KBS 70lb
Result: 5 rounds + 1 Muscle Up
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:
10 Power Snatch 75lbs
1 Rope Climb
Result: 4 rounds + 1 Rope Climbs + 4 Power Snatches
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:
50 DUs unbroken
15 Pushups
30 steps VC
Result: 3 rounds + 16 Double Unders
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:
Row 200m
10 Box Jumps 24" (rebound)
5 Burpees
Result: 3 rounds
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:

Row for meters
Result: 1365m (1:49.8 pace)

Notes: This was a lot of work, but felt good throughout.  Hit a 30 minute warm-up and then got to work.  Shoulders were sore from the 75 C2B pullups from the other day, but it didn't really effect me too much.  C2B actually felt a lot better today as I was allowing for the stretch at the bottom of the kip to occur.  Finally realizing what is pushing my off the wall during HSPU: my wrists.  If I turn my hands out just a little, I can stay on the wall easier.  Need to use this and be more violent with my hips.  Muscle ups felt good and did all sets unbroken.  Nasty going from KBS to muscle ups, but I tried to trust in my training and continue to move forward without much rest in between.  Need to focus on breathing during movements; keep the resp. rate high.  

Last row felt good and I was able to hold a solid pace.

The ones that were the most painful were the power snatches/rope climb and the double under/push-up/VC.  I hate high rep power snatches.  I feel like I am throwing the bar out the entire time and my forearms just get wrecked.  Pushups sucked, most likely from the work I did on Tuesday.  Overall I was happy with this workout and happy with my recovery after high fatigue sessions.    

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