Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Training: 1/13/2014

A. Back Squat: build to a heavy single (360)
12 OHS 155lbs
Row 750m
9 OHS 155lbs
Row 500m
6 OHS 155lbs
Row 250m
Time: 8:02

Notes: I was feeling sore today.  Quads, lats, and wrists/forearms.  Lots of work on Thursday and Friday, and I am still recovering from a cold.  I was happy to be able to grind through 360 with tired legs.  

Moved onto warming up for the tester and my left wrist was not feeling good.  Something felt stuck in there.  Most likely something that will be fine 24 hours from now, especially since I see my chiro tomorrow.  Quads felt tired and sore during this workout so holding a pace was difficult.  Even standing up from the OHS were tough!  Feeling good about where I am for competing.  

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