Sunday, January 12, 2014

Training: 1/10/2014

AM Training:
A. In 10 min, establish 3 AMRAP sets of DUs unbroken (125,130,200)
5 rounds for time:
5 S2O 185lbs
10 Burpees
Time: 4:31

Notes:  Wasn't feeling 100% this morning, though I got better night's sleep than the two nights before.  Sinus pressure was still pretty bad.  Warmed up after a personal training session with a little bit of airdyne and then some mobility.  Built up on the S2O and then got my jump rope to start the double under sets.  Didn't really have a plan on how many I would do other than use as much of the 10minutes as possible.  Hit the first 2 sets at 90%, and then I went for it on the third set.  By the 120th rep, my arms were killing me, but I just stayed focused and kept form.  "Hands still, hands still.  Don't pull up!"  Got to 200 and then stopped there.  It was a personal best for me.  And I didn't have much more to give.

Rested about 10minutes and then got to the 5 RFT.  Didn't want to fail any S2O, so I made sure to take an extra breath each time there.  Churned away at the burpees but kept resp. rate high so I didn't have to stop to breathe.  After the final set of S2O, I laid down the hammer on the burpees.  Felt good after and recovered quickly.  Happy with how this felt despite still having some sinus issues.

PM Training:
A. Stone Lifting/Loading practice (12min minutes.  Worked up to 142lbs.)
B. Wallballs 20lb to 10': 1 amrap unbroken set - go for it and where this is at 
Result: 130 Wall Balls
--5 min recovery--
C. HSPU: 1 amrap unbroken set 
Result: 27 reps
AMRAP in 7 min:
7 unbroken C2B
7 Box Jumps 24"
Result: 10 Rounds + 7 C2B

Notes:  Made sure to eat plenty after my AM workout as I knew that recovery would be key after all the muscular endurance stuff in the morning.  Got right to work once I got to the gym, working on technique that I looked over on youtube on how to lift stones.  Keys for me were to straddle the stone, just up knees out, and once it was on my chest, roll the stone up by pushing, not by extending from my lower back.  Tried two methods, but the "power clean" felt better.

The stone work got me good and warm so I stretched my calves, loosened up my triceps and then got to work.  Someone counted for me so I could at least focus on breathing and technique without also having to worry about what number I was on.  Kept breathing rate high after the 30th rep, and it stayed high from there.  It was purely a mental battle after the 70th rep to continue to grind through the pain.  Altering the hand position definitely helped.  Front delts were the most burnt through the process.  Wanted to hit 150 but the effort it was taking to get the ball to the target started to be come unbearable.  Happy with 130 though.  Took about 8 minutes to recover and get into the HSPU.  Hit 27 reps, though I paused between reps.  Man were my triceps smoked.  Balance was also an issue.  Neck was sore afterward too.

Moved onto the AMRAP.  Goal was to do a bit over 7 rounds.  I felt really good here though my C2B weren't feeling great.  Keeping the breathing rate high allowed me to take smaller rests in between movements.  I think I hold my breath during mixed modal work.  This has been a real turnaround for me.  Started to slow half way through because my arms were getting fatigued and C2B became more difficult.  Box jumps stayed consistent.  Happy with how I felt on a high turnover workout like this one.     

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