Friday, January 31, 2014

Training: 1/27/2014

10 min aerobic warmup @Z1
10 rounds:
30 sec AD @90%aerobic
30 sec rest
30 sec Row @90%aerobic
30 sec rest

Notes: Completed in the morning after having some gatorade.  Felt good.  Legs were burning a bit.  Picked up the pace from set to set.

A. Front Squat: 4 x 3 @20X0, rest 75 sec - use 70%1RM (220lbs.)
B. Paused Front Squat: 2 x 1; rest 2 min (220, 245)
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point - start @ same weight as A.
C. Snatch: 1 rep every 75 sec for 10 reps, 175lbs+ (175-200(f))
D. Snatch RDL: 3 x 6 @3110, rest 105 sec (155,185,185)

Notes: Front squats felt a bit heavy at first, but started feeling lighter as I warmed up.  Need to get the ankles a bit looser.  Paused front squat were heavier than last week.  Snatches were a disaster today.  I was bumping the bar out like crazy.  I need to drive more with my legs and then drop my hips.  Very frustrated with my olympic lifts.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rest Day: 1/26/2014

Notes: Feeling good today.  Body is getting back into it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Training: 1/25/2014

A. Squat Clean: 1 rep every 75 sec for 10 reps, 225lbs+ (225,235,245,255,265,275,285,300(f))
B1. Deadlift: 4 x 10 TnG; rest 20 sec (225,245,255,275)
B2. KB Swings: 4 x 15 unbroken; rest 3 min (32kg)
3 rounds:
12 steps BB Front Rack Lunges - add per set (135,145,155)
12 DB Back Extensions @2012 (40lbs.)

rest 2min b/t sets

Notes: Didn't get a great night's sleep, but I felt pretty good getting to the gym.  Legs were a little tired warming up, as they are still a bit beaten up from last week.  Ankles were a little tight today.  Cleans felt heavy from the beginning, but the weights were moving pretty consistently.  Hips were rising a little early in the pull, but I built up without any misses.  Racked 300, but caught it a little forward and dumped it.  The short rest times didn't effect me much.

Deadlifts felt pretty good.  I was trying to focus on getting my hips lower each rep so that I could use more knee flexion instead of just bending from the hip. KB swings were rough, but I figured out how to cut down the back swing and drive more violently with the hips.  

Front rack lunges felt good though my lower back was tight and fatigued from the deadlifts/kb swings.  Total body working on the lunges.    

Training: 1/24/2014

A1. Push Press: 3 x 4-6; rest 30 sec (195,205,225)
A2. Ring Dips: 3 x 12; rest 30 sec - wtd if needed (15,15,15)
A3. HR Pushups: 3 x 30 for time; rest 4 min (:56,1:06,1:03)
AMRAP C2B Pullups in 2 min (42)
--3 min rest--
Row 400m
30 Box Jumps 24"
50 DUs
AD 30 cals
50 DUs
30 Box Jumps 24"
Row 400m
Time: 8:39
--3 min rest--
AMRAP C2B Pullups in 2 min (41)

Notes: Felt pretty good warming up today, but I couldn't get my shoulders and lats warm enough.  With my focus now on my wrists mobility before my workouts, I can't spend 45 minutes warming up for a strength workout.  Weights felt heavy during the first set, but I was able to go up from there.  Pushups weren't nearly as bad as I thought they would be, but I had to break them up.  Man, do hand release pushups burn.

Moved onto the tester and noticed that during the first set my left forearm is still bothering me.  It was shooting up into the outside of my biceps as well.  Haven't fully recovered my grip/forearms from last weekend yet.  After the three minute rest, I jumped on the rower.  Rowing felt good holding in the low 1:40s.  Box jumps were rough as my butt/hamstrings are still cooked.  Overall fatigue made me break up the double unders.  Was able to push it on the last row, which is a good sign.  Second set of pullups felt better than the first, but I was a but I burned out quickly.

Training: 1/23/2014

45min Swim Practice/Drilling

Notes: I had 60min of airdyne scheduled for this morning but decided to go to the pool and get some swim work in.  I think I am going to be doing this a bit more regularly as it limbers me up and it breathing training.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Training: 1/22/2014

A. Front Squat: 8 x 3 @20X0, rest 75 sec - use 70%1RM (220lbs.)
B. Paused Front Squat: 3 x 1; rest 2 min (220,225,230lbs.)
notes-3 sec pause each at bottom, low end of sticking point, high end of sticking point - start @ same weight as A.
C1. Deficit HSPU (off block): 4 x amrap(-2); rest 2 min (4,6,6,6)
C2. 3 Point DB RowsProne DB Rows: 4 x 10,8,6,10 @30X0, rest 1 min b/t arms & 2 min after (35,40,50,40)
15 min HICT Row - damper 10, low SR, ~155bpm (completed 10min, had to teach class)

Notes: Today was my first day back in the gym since Wodapalooza.  Felt good waking up this morning, but I am on an anti-viral medication because of cold sores, so that makes me a little drowsy.  Felt very good once I warmed up, and weights didn't feel all that heavy.  Lower back is still a little fatigued from the weekend, but legs felt good.  Front squats were challenging, but fast.  Paused front squats were also challenging.  Big mental battle being able to hold that isometric contraction at the sticking points.  I think with my ankles a little more loose, those will feel better.

Before the workout, I smashed the lateral part of my forearm, as there was a tight muscle on both sides.  Then I did some PNF with distraction and my wrists had better mobility.  When doing the HSPU, I was more sturdy in the bottom position of my kip.  These felt A LOT better than Sunday.  I need to stick with this.  I really don't get a stimulus in my back with 3 point rows, so I switched these to prone rows.  My back was lighting up!

Ran out of time toward the end of my workout so only did 10minutes of HICT.  Overall felt very good with today's workout.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Training: 1/13/2014

A. Back Squat: build to a heavy single (360)
12 OHS 155lbs
Row 750m
9 OHS 155lbs
Row 500m
6 OHS 155lbs
Row 250m
Time: 8:02

Notes: I was feeling sore today.  Quads, lats, and wrists/forearms.  Lots of work on Thursday and Friday, and I am still recovering from a cold.  I was happy to be able to grind through 360 with tired legs.  

Moved onto warming up for the tester and my left wrist was not feeling good.  Something felt stuck in there.  Most likely something that will be fine 24 hours from now, especially since I see my chiro tomorrow.  Quads felt tired and sore during this workout so holding a pace was difficult.  Even standing up from the OHS were tough!  Feeling good about where I am for competing.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rest Day: 1/12/2014

Notes: Left forearm is nagging me.  Body is starting to get sore from the wall balls.  Going to take it nice and easy today.

Training: 1/11/2014

5 rounds @80%:
Row 2 min
rest 1 min
AD 2 min
rest 1 min
15 Box Jumps 24" EMOM for 5 min (completed)

Notes: Wasn't too sore this morning.  Got to the gym and got right to work.  Kept it all at 80% today.  Legs were dead on the first few sets of box jumps, but slowly started to come around.  

PM Training:

Ocean Swim - 30 min - Z1 to start, then to moderate effort
Notes: Completed in a washing machine environment.  Shouldn't be nearly as bad next week.  Might jump in the water one more time this week to make sure the stroke is solid.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Training: 1/10/2014

AM Training:
A. In 10 min, establish 3 AMRAP sets of DUs unbroken (125,130,200)
5 rounds for time:
5 S2O 185lbs
10 Burpees
Time: 4:31

Notes:  Wasn't feeling 100% this morning, though I got better night's sleep than the two nights before.  Sinus pressure was still pretty bad.  Warmed up after a personal training session with a little bit of airdyne and then some mobility.  Built up on the S2O and then got my jump rope to start the double under sets.  Didn't really have a plan on how many I would do other than use as much of the 10minutes as possible.  Hit the first 2 sets at 90%, and then I went for it on the third set.  By the 120th rep, my arms were killing me, but I just stayed focused and kept form.  "Hands still, hands still.  Don't pull up!"  Got to 200 and then stopped there.  It was a personal best for me.  And I didn't have much more to give.

Rested about 10minutes and then got to the 5 RFT.  Didn't want to fail any S2O, so I made sure to take an extra breath each time there.  Churned away at the burpees but kept resp. rate high so I didn't have to stop to breathe.  After the final set of S2O, I laid down the hammer on the burpees.  Felt good after and recovered quickly.  Happy with how this felt despite still having some sinus issues.

PM Training:
A. Stone Lifting/Loading practice (12min minutes.  Worked up to 142lbs.)
B. Wallballs 20lb to 10': 1 amrap unbroken set - go for it and where this is at 
Result: 130 Wall Balls
--5 min recovery--
C. HSPU: 1 amrap unbroken set 
Result: 27 reps
AMRAP in 7 min:
7 unbroken C2B
7 Box Jumps 24"
Result: 10 Rounds + 7 C2B

Notes:  Made sure to eat plenty after my AM workout as I knew that recovery would be key after all the muscular endurance stuff in the morning.  Got right to work once I got to the gym, working on technique that I looked over on youtube on how to lift stones.  Keys for me were to straddle the stone, just up knees out, and once it was on my chest, roll the stone up by pushing, not by extending from my lower back.  Tried two methods, but the "power clean" felt better.

The stone work got me good and warm so I stretched my calves, loosened up my triceps and then got to work.  Someone counted for me so I could at least focus on breathing and technique without also having to worry about what number I was on.  Kept breathing rate high after the 30th rep, and it stayed high from there.  It was purely a mental battle after the 70th rep to continue to grind through the pain.  Altering the hand position definitely helped.  Front delts were the most burnt through the process.  Wanted to hit 150 but the effort it was taking to get the ball to the target started to be come unbearable.  Happy with 130 though.  Took about 8 minutes to recover and get into the HSPU.  Hit 27 reps, though I paused between reps.  Man were my triceps smoked.  Balance was also an issue.  Neck was sore afterward too.

Moved onto the AMRAP.  Goal was to do a bit over 7 rounds.  I felt really good here though my C2B weren't feeling great.  Keeping the breathing rate high allowed me to take smaller rests in between movements.  I think I hold my breath during mixed modal work.  This has been a real turnaround for me.  Started to slow half way through because my arms were getting fatigued and C2B became more difficult.  Box jumps stayed consistent.  Happy with how I felt on a high turnover workout like this one.     

Rest Day: 1/7-1/8/2014

Notes: took time off because of head cold.  Nothing in my throat, but my sinuses are swaying from being on fire, to be swollen with tons of pressure.  Going to take the time I need to start feeling better.

Training: 1/9/2013

2k Row For Time
Time: 6:58.7 (1.2sec PR)

Notes: I took the last couple of days off because I was dealing with a sinus cold.  Still wasn't feeling 100%, but I wasn't getting any worse so I figured I would train.  Warmed up for my row with 1000m @ 80% and then did some mobility.  After, I did 2x250m to find the right pace for the day.  

I was feeling strong so I figured 1:43 would be a good pace to hold.  I got through the first 500m no problem, and then my legs just died.  I was really having to put forth an effort to keep the number down.  At the 1k mark I knew that I wasn't going to be setting any huge PR's, so I was on the verge of quitting.  I hit a few more strokes, and then a few more, and before I knew it I was already onto the 750m mark.  Regardless of the pace, I was going to finish.  Got to the last 500m and let it rip.  

Quads were killing me afterward.  After a minute or so on the ground, I walked it off, and 5 minutes later, I was feeling okay again, though my legs were smoked.  

Was still feeling sick toward the end of the day.  Need a few good night's sleep.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Training: 1/6/2013

AM Training:
AD 45 min @Z1 - 10m HSW + quick mobility drill *every 5 min (complete)

*your choice

A. Split Jerk: build to a heavy single, tech focus unless feeling it (320lbs.-5lb. PR)
B. Back Squat: 4 x 2 (315lbs.) @85%1RM, rest 3 min (315x4 (5 on last set)
For time:
21 OHS 95lbs
42 Pullups
15 OHS
30 Pullups

18 Pullups
Time: 5:26

Notes: Got up this morning and had a bad taste in the back of my throat. Got to the gym and hit the Z1 work.  Felt a little lethargic afterward.

Hit the next part after class.  Didn't have great energy, but I figured it was because it was Monday.  Warmed up and worked from the blocks on the jerk.  Worked up up to 320, which was a PB, and then went back down and worked some technical stuff as I was catching the bar out front.  Figured out that I need to relax the front delt and pull the bar back.  Helps when my shoulders and lats are good and warm.  

Moved onto the back squats, and the weight building up felt heavy.  Also noticed that my left hip was tight and out of alignment.  First set felt very heavy, but as I got warmer, the weight felt lighter.  

Tester went farely well. Kept to smaller sets on the pullups to keep the heart rate down and to keep moving.  All overhead squats were unbroken.  Breathing felt good here, though I really couldn't push the pace at the end.  Felt okay after and was able to recovery quickly.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rest Day: 1/5/2014

Notes: Feeling good.  No issues with my lower back after the deadlifts.  Shoulders are still pretty smoked through.

Training: 1/4/2013

A. Push Press: 3 x 3; rest 3 min (215,245,250)
B. EMOM for 15 min:
min 1 - 4 Deadlifts 315lbs
min 2 - 4 pHSPU
min 3 - 4 MUs
Complete.  All Unbroken
C1. S2O @135lbs: 2 x 20 reps for time, rest 2 min (:28,:26)

C2. T2B: 2 x 30 reps for time; rest 2 min (:38,:48)

Notes: Pushed this workout into the afternoon since I had a lifting lesson with my olympic lifting coach Don Mcauley.  We worked for an hour on the snatch and then the jerk.  I was feeling much confident with the lifts afterward conceptually, and I now have some things I can work on on my own.

My shoulders were pretty tired from all the work the day before, so I didn't go too crazy on the push press.  Was able to hit a solid set at 250, then moved onto the EMOMs.

My hands were sore from all the bar work in the last 48 hours, so that was a concern for me.  Haven't deadlifted in quite some time either.  Built up quickly to the working weight, and didn't have much of an issue through the 5 sets.  pHSPU felt better than they ever have.  I was allowing my hips to open and carry the momentum into the rest of the movement.  Having the shoulders opened up didn't hurt either.  Muscle ups were easy.

Moved onto the S2O and T2B.  S2O were unbroken and easy.  T2B were broken at rep 25 on the first set, and rep 20 on the second set.  Grip and abs were the limiter there.  Need to remember to breath during these sets in order to reduce rest time.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Training: 1/3/2013

A. Snatch: build to a good single (215lbs.)
B. Power Snatch + Snatch Balance + Hang Squat Snatch: 5 x 1+1+1; rest 90 sec - build (175,185,185(1+1+f),195,205 (1+1+f)
C. Front Squat: 3 x 3 @80%1RM, rest 2-3 min (250x2,255)
D. "Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only (105lbs.)

(one series only, same wt. as before - record average & max HR for the 5 sets + rest, thx)

Notes: Felt pretty good warming up, but I also felt myself bumping the bar out on the snatches.  Hit 205, but then failed at 220.  Went back down and worked my way back up.  hit 215, missed 220, and called it there.  Went on to the complex and did some better work there.  Still bumping the bar out but not as much.  Barely missed 205, plates were sliding off the end of the bar and I think I lost balance slightly.  

Shook off the start of the workout and moved onto front squat which felt good.  All sets completed without much trouble, though my ankles were a little stiff today.  

Ox-squats completed but I forgot to bring my HR monitor to the gym.

Going to set up a lesson with Coach Don Mcauley to square away my technique.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Training: 12/30/2013

A. Snatch: 1 rep every 90 sec for 8 reps, wave load. (185,195,205,210,215(m),215, 220, 205, 205)
B. OHS: 3 x 7-10; rest 3 min - only last set tough (115,165,205)
C. Back Squat: 5 x 3 @80%1RM, rest 3 min (300lbs.)
D. "Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only (95)
--10 min rest once complete, AD at easy pace--
"Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only (105)

Notes: Worked out after my noon class today but man was I sore from Saturday's long workout.  Calves, shoulders, and quads mostly.  Knowing that I was that sore, I was cautious during today's workout and didn't want to force anything.  Warming up for snatches the bar felt very heavy off the floor.  Technique felt pretty good and I didn't have any misses building up to 215lbs.. Missed 215 and then came back and made it.  Lower body mobility felt good.  Still need some work on my pull with the snatch.  Just doesn't feel strong.  

Moved on to the OHS.  These felt much better than the last time I did them.  Ankles were really warm and my shoulders were feeling much looser.  Hit 205 which I was happy with.  Wrists killed after the last set.  

Back squats felt great today.  Mobility has improved to the point I can really take advantage of the stretch reflex out of the bottom.  I feel I stay in much better position as well.  Last set was easy so I went for an extra two reps.

Did the first set of ox squats with 95 and the second with 105.  Need to focus on breathing throughout on these as it will translate into workouts.  

Training: 1/2/2014

5 min AMRAP @85%:
5 C2B
5 Wallballs
100m Run
Result: 5 rounds + 1 C2B
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:
3 MU
5 KBS 70lb
Result: 5 rounds + 1 Muscle Up
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:
10 Power Snatch 75lbs
1 Rope Climb
Result: 4 rounds + 1 Rope Climbs + 4 Power Snatches
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:
50 DUs unbroken
15 Pushups
30 steps VC
Result: 3 rounds + 16 Double Unders
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:
Row 200m
10 Box Jumps 24" (rebound)
5 Burpees
Result: 3 rounds
--5 min recovery--
5 min AMRAP @85%:

Row for meters
Result: 1365m (1:49.8 pace)

Notes: This was a lot of work, but felt good throughout.  Hit a 30 minute warm-up and then got to work.  Shoulders were sore from the 75 C2B pullups from the other day, but it didn't really effect me too much.  C2B actually felt a lot better today as I was allowing for the stretch at the bottom of the kip to occur.  Finally realizing what is pushing my off the wall during HSPU: my wrists.  If I turn my hands out just a little, I can stay on the wall easier.  Need to use this and be more violent with my hips.  Muscle ups felt good and did all sets unbroken.  Nasty going from KBS to muscle ups, but I tried to trust in my training and continue to move forward without much rest in between.  Need to focus on breathing during movements; keep the resp. rate high.  

Last row felt good and I was able to hold a solid pace.

The ones that were the most painful were the power snatches/rope climb and the double under/push-up/VC.  I hate high rep power snatches.  I feel like I am throwing the bar out the entire time and my forearms just get wrecked.  Pushups sucked, most likely from the work I did on Tuesday.  Overall I was happy with this workout and happy with my recovery after high fatigue sessions.    

Rest Day: 1/1/2014

Notes: Was thinking about making up the row repeats from yesterday but I would rather be fresh for Thursdays mixed modal intervals.

Training: 12/31/2013

AM Training:
7 sets:
1000m Row @ 75%
rest 90sec
Notes: Skipped this because I was moving in the morning and didn't want to burn myself out.

PM Training:
4 rounds:
4-6 Bench Presses (205,210,215,220)
rest 20 sec
12 Ring Dips (wtd if able) (10lbs. x4sets)
rest 20 sec
20-25 unbroken Push Presses (95lbs. x 4sets unbroken)
rest 3 min
C2B: 15 x 5 unbroken for time
Time: 4:19

Notes: Felt good in this workout.  Bench press felt much better than the last time I did it and my shoulders didn't hurt after.  Dips were much harder after bench press than they were after the shoudler press last week.  I guess I use a lot more chest in the bench press (obviously).  Used 95lbs. for all sets of push press. Happy to go unbroken on all sets and this is a definite confidence booster.  

Did 5:56 so 5 fewer sets 90sec faster than 20x5 I did in November.  I am having a hard time getting tension through my shoulders in the bottom of the butterfly.  Need to work on that a little.  

Rest Day: 12/29/2013

Notes: Feeling good.  Weight is right around 185lbs..  Calves are sore today from all the box jumps yesterday!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Training: 12/28/2013

Row 1000m (3:33)
--2 min rest--
40 alt'ng DB Snatches 75lbsAlt. KB Snatches (32kg)
50 C2B
60 Box Jumps 24"
50 T2B
40 KB One Arm Push Presses 70lbs (20/arm, switch as you wish)
--2 min rest--

Row 1000m (3:45)
Time: 26:23

Notes: Didn't get a good night's sleep the night before.  I probably worked out a bit too late and was amped up going to bed.  Might have gotten a few hours of shut eye.  Body was sore from bar work the evening before.  Didn't have much time to warm up, so I did a quick 500m row, mobilized for 10 minutes, and then got to work.  Hit this with a couple of buddies from a local gym.  Stratdgy for the workout was to keep the pressure on during the gymnastics movements, and not take too much rest on the KB work.  

Did the first row at 90% because I knew I would be able to recover in the 2 minutes.  Felt good.  Chopped the snatches into sets of 6.  These felt a lot better than the last time I did these.  Felt like I could push the pace.  Went to the C2B and they felt a little off, but slugged through in sets of 6.  Went onto the box jumps and hit sets of 5, took 5 seconds on the top of the box, and then continued to chip away.  Hit the T2B and did 3 sets of 10 to start, and then dropped to sets of 5.  Got to the KB push presses and did 10 unbroken on my left.  Switched arms and my left kept slipping off of my sweaty shoulder.  Had to stop, put my other shirt on, and then get back to it.  Probably cost me about 20-30 seconds.  

Last 1k row hurt a bit because my forearm were smoked.  Was able to hold about a 1:53 for the last 500m.  Hurt a bit after but recovered quickly.