Sunday, December 29, 2013


AM Training:
1k Row @ 75%; rest 90sec x 7sets

Notes: wasn't too fired up for this workout.  Legs were definitely tired from training the day before.  Kept it at 75% and was able to go negative splits from set to set.  Didn't feel to bad, but mentally taxing.

PM Training:
3 rounds:
4-6 Strict Presses (145,150,55)
rest 20 sec
12 Ring Dips (wtd if able) (BW, BW, 10lbs.)
rest 20 sec
20-25 unbroken Push Presses (75,75,95)
rest 3 min

T2B: 100 for time, w/20 DUs EMOM
Time: 7:29

Notes: Hit this workout later in the evening.  Felt pretty good after warming up.  Shoulder felt mobile without much restriction.  All sets felt really good and I was able to go unbroken on the push presses without much trouble, though the last set was tough.

Moved onto the T2B.  My strategy was to do 15s for as long as I could, and then do 10s resting the remaining time in each minute.  Felt good throughout the workout.  Limiter was the fatigue in my abs.  

Unfortunately I think I worked out a little too late because I had trouble getting to sleep.  Note to self, do not workout out after 4pm.

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