Saturday, December 7, 2013

Training: 12/7/2013

HRV: 99 (-/green)
HR: 55

Notes: Took caffeine too close to bedtime last night and was up until 2am. Woke up feeling groggy with sinus pressure.  After my workout and eating dinner, I decided to go back to the gym and work on some technique in my pull.  Man is this frustrating.  

After not being able to go back to sleep after breakfast I decided that perhaps training would be the only thing that would get me tired enough to go to sleep.  Got to the gym, worked some technique on the movements while hitting some mobility.  Muscle ups are continuing to feel better and half way through the workout, I hit stride and really was able to unleash my hip drive elevating me over the rings easily.  Triceps were getting burnt out so had to really focus on locking out.  Breathing was fine, just a good amount of burning in the shoulders and triceps.

Felt much better after my workout and hope to eat and rest the rest of the day.

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