Monday, December 23, 2013

Training: 12/22/2013

10 Wall Walks
15 Bar MUs
45 Burpees
30 T2B
15 Ring MUs

10 Wall Walks
Time: 14:39

Notes: Took Saturday off because I didn't sleep well on Friday night and I had some things going on.  Got to the gym early and warmed up, and the before my olympic lifting class.  Hit all of the movements before the workout and then mobilized based upon what I felt tight with.  First set of wall walks were okay.  Just paced as I felt my heart rate increase.  The bar muscle up felt very good today, using my hips efficiently.  HSPU I broke into sets of 5 with little rest.  I felt like I could have done bigger sets, but I wanted to cut the rest time down, along with keeping my HR down.  Burpees felt good.  Hand placement and mobility was solid.  3 sets for the T2B.  They felt easy today mostly because I was keeping my hips in a good position and not overextending.  Moved onto muscle ups where I went 4,3,3,3,2 with no misses.  Triceps were roasted during them and I was afraid of falling through the rings.  Since my triceps were smoked after the muscle ups ups, the last set of wall walks were slow and painful.  There were no excessive rests and I definitely felt very strong during this workout.  Could of pushed the pace a bit if I needed to but kept everything under control.    

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