Friday, December 20, 2013

Training: 12/17/2013

4 rounds:
15 C2B
20 HR Pushups
15 T2B

rest 2 min b/t rds.
1. 1:45 (unbroken)
2. 2:00 (HR/T2B Broken)
3. 2:31 (HR/T2B Broken)
4. 2:29 (HR/T2B Broken)

Notes: Got a good warm-up in practiced the movements, and then got to work.  HSPU felt pretty good today as I was getting better flexion from my hip and not just my knees.  C2B felt pretty good but I need to emphasize my hips more in order to take the burden off of my arms.  HR pushups were brutal.  The amount of pump I get in my arms doing this is ridiculous.  T2B felt pretty good though I was having trouble with grip after the C2B pullups.  Good effort today, but not great.  

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