Monday, December 16, 2013

Training: 12/16/2013

A. Alt EMOM for 12 mins:
odd - 5 TnG Power Clean ~60-65% (165-185)
even - 3 Box Jumps - high; step down (32"- 40")
B. Rotate EMOM for 24 min:
1st min - 5 OHS ~65%1RM (185lbs.)
2nd min - 6-8 GHD Raises
3rd min - 40 DUs

C. Waiter's Walk: 2 x 50m/arm, rest 45 sec b/t armsSkipped, ran out of time.

Notes: Felt good this morning. Body was feeling good, and after warming up and taking in some caffeine, I was on fire.  Shoulders were tough to get warm, but I really didn't need them for the first part of the workout.  Started out with 165lbs. on the power cleans and I had no issues.  Bumped up the weight from set to set and finished of the last two sets with 185lbs. and there wasn't much of an issue.  Pull was feeling good but it still needs work.  Built the box up every two sets and finished off with about 40" box.  Overall I was happy with the first EMOM.  

Warmed up my shoulders a bit more and then hit a few overhead squats to feel out the weight.  155lbs. felt heavy and I was having trouble with bar positioning.  This continued when I bumped it up to 185lbs. though I went unbroken on all sets except the last one.  I think I was having a combination of problems with my lats being tight and my ankles not being loose enough.  I will warm them up better next time.  GH raises sucked today.  I wasn't able to control my midline and this was causing me to break from my midline and my lower back locked up.  I was able to slug through it though and hit eight reps on all sets, but it effected my overhead squats too as I was overextending from my lower back on them as well.  Have to figure out how to do these without breaking from the hips.  All but one set of double unders were unbroken.  I was feeling much better on these today than Saturday.  Back was tight afterward but it loosened up after a little stretching.  Hit some ankle mobility as well.  Overall, I am pleased with this Monday morning workout.  

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