Saturday, December 14, 2013

Training: 12/13/2013

AM Training:
2 x @Z1:
Row 2k
AD 15 min
Run 800m

Note: Took me a little less than an hour to complete this.  Felt like crap waking up but felt good during and after this.  Hit 30min of BB tech work after and really felt good with my pull.

PM Training:
A. Back Squat: 4 x 2,1,2,1 @20X0, rest 3 min (80,85,82,90+%) (290,310,300,345x2)
B. Snatch grip RDL: 2 x 4-6 @4110, rest 90 sec (185,215)

C. Reverse Hyper: 2 x 15; rest 1 min 

Notes: Felt on fire during squatting.  Legs felt very good and midline felt really stable.  Ankles are key to my squat.  Need to continue to open them up.  My last squat single I couldn't jump to a heavy enough weight to hit a new max so I decided to put on 345lbs. and see how it felt.  Since the first rep wasn't too bad, I went for it again.  

Snatch grip RDLs felt good.  Hamstrings were working.  Completed the workout with reverse hypers.  Then did 30minutes of mobility.

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