Friday, December 13, 2013

Training: 12/11/2013


Row 500m@85%/rest 90 sec x 7
Notes: Ate breakfast, did some programming, and then headed to the gym for my row repeats.  Wanted to get this done so I didn't have it weighing over my head.  Hit a 1k row to loosen up and then got in some dynamic mobility before starting my first set.  My left forearm was tight and sore(pronator), so I had to keep my elbows in and under during my rowing.  This felt good and I felt my lats working much more than my arms during the stroke.  Taking caffeine definitely helps during these intervals.  I think it allows me to control my brain better and stay away from concentrating on the pain.  The 90sec rest intervals didn't real take effect until the after the 3rd set when my heart rate didn't come down.  I really do like the row intervals as I can tell from week to week that I am getting more aerobically fit.

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