Friday, December 13, 2013

Training: 12/9/2013

AM Training:
A. Power Clean: 1 single every 45 sec for 15 reps, add every 4-5 sets (235x4,245x4,255x4,265x3)
B. BB Jump Squats: 3 x 6 @10X0, rest 75 sec (145,155,165)
C. Back Squats w/bands: 10 x 1 @20X0, 65%(bar weight); rest 75 sec (215+bands)

Notes: Worked on some technique this weekend and found that my power cleans felt much better, but they were 100% there.  I think I am still bumping the bar out a bit, but I was till able to hit 265 for 3 reps today.  Need to drive off the ground better.  Jumping back squats made my lower back feel funky; compressed.  Tried a new set-up on the banded squats to get more band tension.  Easy set-up and felt tough toward the top.  Overall I think the bands make you stay tighter through the reps.

15 min Row HICT - damper 10, low SPM, HR~150-155
--2 min recovery--
15 min Versa-Climber HICT - high tension, HR~150-155 Slam Ball Pick-up and Drop
--2 min recovery--

15 min Row HICT - damper 10, low SPM, HR~150-155

Notes: Ate lunch and then hit this workout (not a great combo).  My legs were pretty sore from the morning session, but I figured they would feel better after hitting this.  Also, I need to continue to push my cardiac capacity.  My versa climber pedal is still broken so I used a different modality on my second interval: slam ball deadlift and then drop.  Felt good and it gave me an opportunity to practice something relatively functional for my sport.

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